15 Things I Learned This Week

Here are fifteen things I’ve learned this week (though some of them I kind of already knew):

1.  If not held accountable, I have a hard time following through on unpleasant tasks, i.e. cleaning as you go, closing cabinets, throwing things out…ten things a day has become the bane of my existence but I am still going, and getting ready to tackle this…

2. On the other hand, not yelling has been surprisingly easy and even more surprisingly, has made me feel a lot calmer.  Unfortunatly, this does not mean that my children’s constant bickering is any easier to take.

3.  Invisalign is really not that invisible.  I may be paranoid, but I feel like everyone is staring at my teeth.

4.  Trying to remove invisalign trays can induce mild to moderate panic as in, “Oh, my God, I can’t get these trays out.”  To, “Oh my God! Am I going to pull a tooth out?”

5.  My kids probably need a morning summer camp, for my sanity as well as theirs.  This is a typical scene from 8:30 this morning and yes, they are still in their pajamas, so was I.

6.  I don’t have the greenest thumb and it will be a small miracle if these plants survive repotting, but I did have a pretty helper.

7.  Building on number 6, I have a tough time moving on sometimes, i.e., Why did I ever get rid of that fake tree? (I know, enough about the fake tree already! It was a dust collecting piece of plastic, but if these plants die I’m going to be pissed.)

8.  Barre workouts (you can find one on On Demand) are really hard.  Barre chicks, just like pilate’s and yoga chicks are not to be taken lightly.  Those girls can kick some ass.

9.  Potty training girls is much easier (in that it is happening sooner), yet much harder (girls can’t stand up) than potty training boys. Furthermore, potty training is nothing to mess around with when your little lady is tired and misses her nap.  Forget this lesson and I’ll be washing many pairs of pants and underwear, again!

10.  Just because someone has a bumper sticker on their car that says Peace Takes Courage Too, doesn’t mean they won’t angrily try and ram into someone who is trying to make a left turn in front of them.

11.  Some people feel so passionate about recycling that they will launch soda bottles out their passenger side window while they are driving, in hopes of hitting their neighbors recycling can.  However, this passion does not extend to getting out of the car and picking up the bottle when they blatantly miss.

12.  I’m pretty sure second son’s swim teacher is pathological liar.  I didn’t blink an eye when she told me she was a junior Olympian or on a “break” from an unnamed college, but I did start to look at her funny when the next week she told me she was, at one time, a semi-professional surfer…in Puerto Rico.  I believe my suspicions were confirmed today when she told me that she would have to miss a lesson in the end of June because she has to go to California.  Why?  Modeling.  She has a photo shoot with Disney.  Does second son’s swim instructor need to be truthful to teach him to swim?  I sure hope not.

13.  Some people can buy clothes at Target and make them look really chic (the girl at the front desk at my hair salon), others try, but cannot.

14.  You can go to swim lessons, make returns at Target (see #13) and hit Wegmans and, how can I say this nicely, be in need of a tissue, and no one, not even your ever observant little lady will tell you.

15.  I need a magnifying mirror.

Have a marvelous weekend!


3 thoughts on “15 Things I Learned This Week

  1. Laughing at #3 b/c I knew someone that had invisalign but at first I didn’t realize it and would always wonder what the deal was with her teeth! (not to make you feel more paranoid…)

  2. #7 the key is to not over water these corn plants, let them dry out between watering.

    #9 I hope so

    #13 That’s not me either 🙂

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