A Bit of St. Patrick’s Day Buzz

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There was bit of a buzz in the household this morning, after I casually announced the one of my neighbor’s daughters would be coming over to sit with the kids while we attend an adults only St. Patrick’s Day Party, this evening.

To be clear, this is the first time my children have been left with a babysitter, who is not related to them, so for them (and us), this is a real novelty.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to leave with them someone (see this post) is just that it never really happened.  Just when I was getting comfortable that the boys were capable of successfully staying with someone I didn’t know that well, along came Little Lady, and the thought of a teenager watching my three young children was just a little too much for me (and probably too much for whomever was unlucky enough to answer my call).  Not only can my children can be a handful, but in all honesty, I’m not the type to trust any of babies with just anyone.

But, I don’t have babies anymore, I have young children, who can all talk, tattle on each other, and text me if there is truly a problem.  Plus, I’m only going to be down the street.

I tried to be as casual as possible, this morning, since the last time I brought home a flier from my daughter’s preschool, with a babysitter’s name, Second Son went all kamikazi on me, ripped up the paper, and declared “No way!” would he be left with a babysitter.  I think he may have watched one too many episodes of Fairly Odd Parents, where the weird babysitter wreaks havoc in the house.  I have to say, though, his over dramatic reaction gave me a good laugh, and even more incentive to find a babysitter so he could see what all the fuss was about.

He’s come to see things in a different light, since then, which means he must have watched some cartoon where the kids have free reign while the babysitter is locked in the closet (I like to leave most of my parenting to tv), because he is genuinely excited to have a babysitter.  He has already declared that he is not going to bed and is going to play his iPod all night long.  I didn’t have the heart to break it to him, but we might put them to bed before we leave, and we’ll only be gone two hours.

First Son’s decided that the night holds something special for him as well.  His reaction was “I’m in charge!”  Um, no.  And, “Cool, now we can do flips on the couch!”What?

Do you see why I’ve hesitated? Now, I have to worry about my impulsive child breaking his neck on the couch!

As for Little Lady, I think it was just a big mistake to tell her anything, since she decided, once we were in the classroom this morning, that she wasn’t going to school.  I was genuinely puzzled by her clinginess, but now that I think about it, she has asked a lot of questions about how long I will be gone, and will I be sleeping over.

As for me, I’m kind of excited. I don’t get out much, especially with just my husband.  Hopefully, my kids will act nothing like themselves, and I won’t have to run down the block mid-party to yell at anyone.  Even better, maybe we’ll find a willing babysitter for the next time we want to go out sans children.  How nice would that be!

Happy St. Patrick’s! Hope you have the luck of the Irish all day long.


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