A Day With a Toddler and No Place to Go

The first day wasn’t pretty. Little Lady didn’t sleep well the night before, which meant I didn’t sleep well. Though, honestly, I’m not sure it would have mattered. I was nervous about the drive and about how the boys would do, so it’s very possible that even without her, I would have woken up at 3am and rolled around for an hour.

We were out the door by seven.  I let them watch The Sand Lot on the way up, a movie I had not seen before. I bought it, after reading the description of the story, a boy who’s new to the town and makes friends through baseball, thinking, this is perfect-if the kid in the movie can make friends, so can my boys.  I’m not sure if they picked up on the theme or not, but they liked it.

And why wouldn’t they?  Pointing out the many curse words they heard, was almost as  enjoyable to them as watching the movie.  In hindsight, I should have previewed the movie first, as I was a little unprepared for the many colorful words, as mild as they were, that were peppered throughout the movie.  The last thing I need is Little Lady yelling, “crap!” the next time her finger painting doesn’t turn out the way she planned.

Thankfully, we arrived with time to spare.  After introducing ourselves to their teachers, I left my boys, one completely stoic and wanting nothing to do with me, and the other on the verge of tears, though trying desperately to put on a brave face, at 8:45 am. The only person who looks truly happy in this photo is the only one not going to school.

After that, it was Little Lady and me.  Here’s what the day looked like with a wee cranky girl and no home to go to for for ten hours.

First Stop: Starbucks, not that I needed another coffee, because, I didn’t. In fact, I had already had so much coffee that I couldn’t even make the hour and fifteen minute ride to school, without stopping at a park to use the bathrooms.  But Little Lady needed some breakfast, and so, I thought, one more cup won’t hurt.  Yea, right.

Second Stop: Radio Shack. With Little Lady hopped up on chocolate milk, and me, caffeine, we left Starbucks headed for the bank, but were detoured after I heard my phone ringing from the last row of the minivan.  I drive an ’06, which means there is no place to plug in an iPhone unless you bring the wall charger and plug it into the outlet, way back in the third row.  I have to tell you, while I think it’s pretty cool that my car has an outlet in it, I have no idea why it’s in the third row.

Of course, I had to pull over.  What if it was the school?  It wasn’t.  It was my sister, but it was enough hassle that I decided it was time to replace my car charger, which had broke only months after I had bought an iPhone…three years ago.  So, into Radio Shack we went, Little Lady, despite my best efforts, shoeless, already showing signs of delirium.

Third Stop:  The bank.  Little Lady went out for the count, which was great, except, I had to go to the bathroom, again.  Damn you, Starbucks!

Fourth Stop:  Back to shopping plaza to park and call my sister back, in hopes that the conversation would distract me from the coffee wreaking havoc on my bladder.

Fifth Stop:  The park.  Little Lady still sleeping, me, now, in dire need of a bathroom. In my desperation, I briefly toyed with the idea of using the froggy potty, but instead, decided to recline, turn off the car and practice mind over matter.

Thank God, turning the car off woke Little Lady.  Under normal circumstances I would have started driving again, because I could tell she was nowhere near ready to wake, but I really had to pee!  The result, a pouty Little Lady.  She wouldn’t even look at me.That is, until I convinced her that my friend, Harold the Duck, really wanted to talk to her. What can I say?  She’s easy. Things only got better for her when she found a little friend to play with, which meant they got worse for me, because as new BFF’s, they had to travel all over the park, together, so I had to suffer through an hour and half of small talk with a mother I will never see, again. A half hour, easy, sometimes, even, interesting.  An hour an a half, torturous.

Sixth Stop:  Lunch at Whole Foods, where Little Lady treated our fellow diners to a show. And yes, I had to use the bathroom, again.  The whole day was a vicious cycle of drinking caffeine, and then water, to offset the caffeine, though it did nothing to stop my racing heart.  It was a mistake I will not repeat, especially when I can’t go home to use the bathroom.

Seventh Stop:  Let’s go get the boys.  Arriving twenty minutes before school let out, which turns out is a soft ending (?), I initially thought Little Lady and I would get out of the car and walk around a bit before our long ride home.  However, I quickly learned, being twenty minutes early doesn’t make you early, but puts you tenth in the pick up line, which only got longer as the minutes ticked on.

Twenty five minutes later, it was finally our turn to pull up to the designated pick up spots, where I am happy to report, we were greeted by two smiling boys, one of whom described his day as “awesome”!

It almost made the hour and half ride home, complete with petty squabbles, bearable.

Last stop:  5:15pm-The Shore.

One day down, ten more to go.


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