A House Ready for Fall

“This house will not defeat me.”

That’s what I told my sister the other day, and I meant it.  I’m on a roll.  I’ve been tackling to do’s left and and right.  I’ve been donating, trashing, rearranging and shopping.  In fact, I’m probably tackling too many things at once, but I’ve been out of commission for such a long time, that I feel almost giddy with energy to complete some long overdue house projects.

And by out of commission, I mean busy raising kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very busy with my kids, but it’s amazing how much more efficient I can be with my time, without three fighting, bored, begging for toys, candy or McDonald’s, kids trailing after me.  Four hours a week has made a huge difference.

I love Fall and I love decorating for Fall, so one of the first projects I tackled this month, was decorating my mantle for the season.Most of the items I used were already in my house, but in other rooms, like the mirror, wooden candle holders, and ceramic Halloween candle holders, which I got at the dollar store, years ago.  I also added some new items, like the spooky tree candle holder and skull and crossbones candles (Target), orange candles and bronze pillars (Home Goods), and the flower arrangement, that I put together myself based on something I saw on Pinterest, which, by the way is a very cool site.  I’m thinking of opening an account.

To make the flower arrangement, I bought these fake flowers (or marsh reeds as the sales clerk disdainfully called them) at Joanne’s Fabrics and cut them up.  I then put some colored beads in the bottom of a glass vase that I bought at Home Goods and arranged them to my liking. So simple.  Well, sort of simple, cutting the bunches was actually very difficult because there’s wire underneath the plastic, which makes sense, I mean how else would they stand up, but something I didn’t consider, initially.  The struggle was worth it.  I think the flowers (or reeds) add a little interest to the scene.

The mantle looks really cool at night, too.

I also changed up the decor in the foyer.  I found this rustic pumpkin at TJ Maxx and surrounded it with other pumpkins, some real, some fake, and then arranged a strand of leaf garland to fill in the gaps.  Now, we are ready for Fall.  Well, almost ready.  I usually do the whole cornstalk, haystack, mum thing on the front porch, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I was thinking of skipping the whole thing this year, but then I thought about how cool it looks on Halloween, with the flaming pumpkins sitting on top, just begging to me knocked over, causing the hay to catch on fire, in turn burning the whole house down…sorry, the stream of consciousness that is forever running through my brain, got away from me for a moment.

As you know, I’ve also been working on the mud/laundry room.  I’m making progress, but still have work to do.  So far, this is what I’ve got. I can tell you this, just putting even a rudiementary paper system in place has made tackling the neverending paperwork that the school is trying to bury me under, much easier to handle.

I hope you have a great weekend.

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