A Load Off My Mind, Literally

I’ve been a little stressed lately, as I always am when one, two, or God forbid, all three of my kids have any medical issues going on.  Food allergies are always present, I’ve learned to accept that.  Constipation and asthma, unfortunately, also like to make regular appearances at our house.  Two different issues, but equally stressful.

While only first son has asthma, and it’s-a-flaring right now, two of my children have done major battle with self-induced constipation.  Why two of my children have had issues with holding it in, while the third one make it his life mission to go anywhere and everywhere?  I will never know.

I survived second son’s dalliance with constipation while he was potty training, thankfully, he’s over it.  Little lady, though, is not quite there.  In fact, she gets the prize for holding in her poop the longest.  I don’t know who it’s more painful for, her or me?

Thankfully, after seven days of apple juice spiked with prune juice, oatmeal pumpkin cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, Miralax, three glycerin suppositories (not in one day), and two baking soda baths, little lady pooped, finally putting us out of our misery.  What a load off my mind!  (pun, intended)

Too much information?  Well, perhaps, but I just wanted to give hope to the distraught mom out there googling “two year old holding in poop” and “what to give toddler so she poops.”  In fact, as a blogger and a mom, though not always a mommy blogger, I see it as my duty.

This time around, was the longest any of my children ever went without a bowel movement.  And truth be told, I said seven days, but it could have been longer.  It’s hard to pay attention to stuff like that once you pass two kids.

I thought it was just a matter of time before little lady went, so I did all my regular moves, the Miralax, upping the fiber, upping the liquids, exercise.  Nothing was working. By last night, I was a mess, sure she was going to explode!

So, first thing this morning, I called the doctor and waited for my annoying call back from the nurse, who told me to do everything that I was already doing, except, she told me to put her in a warm bath with a 1/4 c. baking soda.  Baking soda?  Whatever, stupid nurse, thanks for all your help.  I hung up annoyed, after all, I wasn’t calling her after two days of constipation, I was calling her after seven (I think).

I gave her the bath, with very little hope of a resolution.  But, after a few false starts, with little lady jumping out of the tub for a diaper, I’m happy to say that it worked.

Who’s the stupid one now?  Me, of course, why the hell did I wait so many days to call the doctor!

So, if you find yourself here, because your going through the same angst of wanting to perform a task for your child that you can’t possibly perform, and all you can find on the Internet is horror stories about ten year olds still soiling themselves, going to the psychiatrist because they refuse to move their bowels, never fear, a less scary story is here.  Get to your kitchen, bake some oatmeal cookies, pour your child a tall glass of apple juice and put them in a warm tub with baking soda (and call your doctor, too).  It worked for me. Or, I should say, it worked for her.  She’s much happier now!

And if you’re here just for a friendly visit, trust me, I don’t talk about poop all the time. Well, maybe I do talk about it a little.  Ok, a lot!

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