A Mid-Week Update

Hello!  Sorry I’ve been gone so long.  I wish I could say I was on some exotic vacation, but really, life just got in the way (of what in reality, is just a fun hobby), and so, I have to prioritize.  Some of the reasons I have been missing are good, some bad, and some, because of general busyness.

First, the good reason, a visit from my brother and his wife.  You remember the newlyweds, right?Since they were in town, we all congregated at my mom’s to enjoy some family QT, a definite happy occasion.It was a quick weekend, just enough time for our children to indoctrinate them into the loony bin.And of course, make an attempt at a family picture.We also did some bowling.  Don’t you just love these teeny tiny bowling shoes?I almost thought that they were going to be wasted.  Little Lady took quite a spill on her second turn, when following the advice of her daddy, she ran as fast as she could and threw the ball.  Have you ever crossed the brown line on the bowling alley?  I have (in fact, that same day and with a similar result) and so did Little Lady, who came down and hit her head.  Thankfully, after a hot dog and what I describe as junk juice, she got back on the horse again, but this time in a more sedate position.
And this Lovely Lady, managed to sleep through most of the experience.  I wish I could nap like that!Of course, we also spent some quality time socializing. (Poor Scrabble, will it ever appear again, after the introduction of Words With Friends?). Thankfully, not all of us have smart phones/tablets.

Next, the not so good, colds and ear infections.  Any time that might have been spent blogging was spent at the doctors (don’t even get me started on that one, no she doesn’t have an ear infection, yes, she does) and at the food store picking up prescriptions.

As for the busy, well, I’m still trying to redecorate those bathrooms that are almost finished, except for the decor.  This has me running back and forth to Home Goods, more than I would even like.  Here’s the thing about Home Goods, if you see something you like, you have to buy it or else it probably won’t be there the next day.  I learned this lesson the hard way, so now, I buy, buy, buy, and then, return, return, return.

Did I ever tell you that I have three Home Goods in my area?  I think I have, but if not, I want you to know because it has come in very handy in my returning adventures.  I’ve been splitting up my returns between the three stores, out of embarassment and fear that they might ban me from the store.

The other happening, the windows that we ordered are finally being installed, yeah!  I never thought I would wax poetic over windows, but when I saw the window in my bathroom, that has been rotted out and covered with a stain glass insert for the last five years, gleaming at me, even in its unfinished state, I was just overwhelmed. Who cares if the neighbors can now see me in my bathrobe, or that I will have to hurdle a garden tub to get a window shade opened and closed everyday?  It’s worth it.

Which brings me to my latest obsession, Pinterest. I’ve been spending some time on there lately and am amazed by the wealth of good ideas, recipes, and sheer beauty that is on the web.  It’s like having a library of magazines at your fingertips.

The other day, I repinned a quote that said something like, keep nothing that you don’t love or find useful, a few days later that piece of stained glass came down.  I wondered, what made me keep it up all that time?  I always hated it.  Yet, I let myself listen to others in their advice to keep it for privacy, it’s value, their perception of its beauty.  But in reality, beauty and value are subjective.

So, in keeping with my New Year’s resolution, I’ll soon be on the hunt for new window treatments.  Though truth be told, a window and its view is a thing of beauty on its own, and I wouldn’t put anything up if it weren’t for my neighbors.  I’ll spare them the sight of me in my pink bathroom every night.

Have a great day.

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  1. I LOVE the picture of everyone “socializing.” Rich likes to FaceTime me when I’m in a different room, it drives me crazy. It’s also faster for him to just text or call me ;)))
    I’m a words with friend addict too 🙂

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