Am I Blue?

Not, really, but my son’s room is.  Really, blue.  A little too blue, if you ask me, but, hey, what do I know?  According to my son, next to nothing, when it comes to color. Like he told the guy in the paint store, my mom only likes dull colors.

One boy’s dull is another woman’s peace.  As in, I get enough excitement raising three children, I don’t need it on my walls.

So, this is what I ended up with.



IMG_1231It doesn’t look bad in the areas of the room that are decorated, but it would be better if there was less of it.  I should have just done an accent wall, which is where I’m headed with the stripes.

Speaking of stripes, the blogosphere is ripe with pictures of striped rooms, which would lead some to assume that is easy to do. Maybe it is, and maybe, I’m just a moron, who can’t tape a straight line. Or, maybe these stripe painting ladies have helpers, like husbands who don’t wonder aloud “How did this become my project?” as they impatiently hold laser levels while their wives try to get a level tape line across the wall, and then,exhausted from all the complaining, take naps on their son’s bed as you eyeball the crookedly taped wall and said husband, wondering if it is worth trying again, the stripes not the husband, though I did tell him he is no longer my (future) partner for the Amazing Race.  Do you think that show will still be on when my kids are grown?  I’ll probably be too old by then, but anyway….IMG_1223

Back to the stripes, either way, it’s not happening, at least, not right now. Much to my son’s disappointment, stripes will have to wait for a quiet, peaceful day, when I am alone, with a laser level that tacks into the wall (and only one wall), no assistance needed.

In the meantime, I need to figure out how to break up all this blue.IMG_1240

Speaking of blue, a little over a month out, after my sclerotherapy, and the veins are still visible, but healing.  This is what they look like now.  IMG_1063

Here’s the same vein (one of many) after it was just done.

Just so you know, it is very hard to get a picture of your leg.  Do you see how the lines are still visible, in the first picture?  I guess this what they meant, when they talk about staining, which will supposedly fade within a year.  If it doesn’t, well, then, this was all for nothing.  I have to go back, one more time, for some spots that the good doctor missed, which I knew was a possibility.  He wanted to touch them up at my one month check up, but thankfully, was willing to wait until the fall, when shorts season is over.

Speaking of something not blue, but pink, rather, as in pink sands, I finally booked a long weekend for just my husband and myself, in Bermuda, for my upcoming birthday. It’s a big one (I’m turning 29, again, in case you were wondering ;)) We’ll be staying at the Reefs Resort and Club.

Age aside, I’m super excited to go, having never been there, and haven’t not been away with just my husband, since our honeymoon.  Terrible, I know, but no one is exactly lining up to watch my kids.  In fact, my mom’s first reaction was, no.  Thankfully, she had a change of heart.  I’m sure she’ll regret it.



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