Rock On

We have a new piece of furniture.  Ok, so technically it’s not furniture, but it might as well be for the amount of space it consumes.

I’m not really sure how drums work into the vision of my house, because they don’t, but I’m ok with them, right there, in our former dining room, that briefly was just a piano room, but now, is officially a music room.

You see, we really wanted Little Lady to learn how to play the drums, especially while wearing that Cinderella dress that she refuses to take off.  Why go small when you can go big, right?

Just kidding.

They’re for first son, who’s been playing since he’s been two.  An uncanny talent, discovered when we decided to move an old drum set into the living room, just to see what would happen (we had drums because my husband plays, too).

I like to take full credit for first son’s musical genius, and I have my mom to back me up. She’ll gladly tell you stories about her child prodigy (that’s me in this fairy tale), who could have went to Julliard had she just practiced her flute.  Of course, not everyone in this house would agree with me (like it’s some big deal to be able to play music by ear, take years of piano lessons and be able to pick up instruments without any training….whatever).  I still insist it’s me.  After all, those drums would still be sitting in the garage if I didn’t bring them in (well, technically, I didn’t bring them in) and this new set wouldn’t be in the dining room had I not pushed to get the drums back inside (they’ve been parked in the garage, pretty much unplayed, while the house was on the market) thus setting the ball in motion for the the upgrade.

See, I told you I deserve all the credit.  And, if anyone’s counting (me), that makes three sets of drums for us, so much for simplifying.

Hoarders, here we come.  Rock on!

*I had wanted to upload a video of first son rocking out, but I’m not having much luck. Hopefully, I’ll figure it out, but if I want a semi-clean house, today, I really need to step away from the computer.

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