And In Other News

Amid showings (ok, only one) and cleaning, life goes on.  Nothing terribly exciting, but unless you’re a rockstar, life isn’t all excitement, all the time.  But isn’t it in the mundane where the majority of life is really lived?  I think so, and I think if you can appreciate those moments, then you’ll find the key to happiness.

So, on this Friday, especially before Mother’s Day (which along with its rewards can also come with its share of mundane activities), let’s celebrate the little things in life. Here’s celebrating the everyday!

Butter up her nose! Weeknight dinner, after an early bath, after splashing (drenching herself), along with her brothers, in a dirty puddle.

Mother's Day Tea-He loves me because I "make him waffles." Food obsessed, much?

Successful Home Goods run, redecorating the foyer after the broken picture.

Another Mother's Day tea, this time with my Little Lady.

Drum Lessons. One of my favorite things to watch.

Baseball Games

Happy Mother’s Day!

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