Another Fourth

We headed out of dodge on Wednesday, down to my mom’s, to the only place we know to celebrate the fourth, Ocean City, NJ.IMG_0895They call it “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” and it lives up to the hype. I’m still dreaming of that shore house.
IMG_0904The weather was hot, the water was cold, but I’m not complaining.  After all the rain we had leading up to the holiday, I was just happy it was sunny.
IMG_0934Of course, a little cold water never stopped Little Lady.IMG_0958I’ve decided that she is part mermaid, and a reptile.  Even though the boys braved the frigid temps, she outlasted them all.

Personally, I like a little cold water once in a while, not to swim in, because there was no way I was going in, but it teaches the kids to find other ways to occupy themselves on the beach, something my sister and I were pros at, when we were younger.  When we went to the beach, with my Grandmother, we got there early in the morning and didn’t walk the five blocks home until close to dinner.  Old school, baby.

They didn’t do too bad.

IMG_0968IMG_0945IMG_0937As it turns out, fighting is also a way to occupy yourself.

We also figured the boys were old enough not to kill themselves on a skim board, thankfully, we were right, so we picked one up, on a morning jaunt to the boardwalk. It was a slow (and sometimes humorous) start, but they were riding like pros by the end.

As is tradition, on the actual fourth, we went to the boardwalk and got our thrills on, before watching the fireworks.IMG_0994I forgot how peaceful the ferris wheel can be.IMG_0995 And for the more daring..IMG_0987And the young at heart…My girl is lucky she has such a great grandma!IMG_0982So, I told you it was warm, and as you can see, we’re pretty much dressed for it.  Too bad it became down right frigid and windy once the sun went down.  My sister and I, having every year gotten it wrong (Do we pack sweatshirts? We don’t need them!) have now vowed to pack the sweatshirts every time in an effort to avoid stretched out shirts.IMG_1007Still, a good show.IMG_1012I spent too many nights indulging, in all ways, but at least one night we had an excuse. A belated birthday celebration for the woman who hates birthdays.IMG_1021The little girls, as we like to call them, spent all their time playing.  Here is my niece “teaching” Little Lady to read.IMG_0897And even cuter, the picture Little Lady drew for her.IMG_0910 All smiles.

We headed home last night, after five days of sun and sand, weary and satisfied.

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