At Least They’re Not Shy: The Vacation Series

What can I say about my kids?  They’re not shy, at least not when it comes to disrobing in public, yelling at the top of their lungs and just getting dirty in general.  It’s part of their charm.  Remember that great park that I was waxing poetic about?  Well, for us, no trip to Naples is complete without a visit there.

When we left the house for the park that morning, I swear my children were presentable. Not, perfect, like the families I’ve seen strutting in the park in what appears to be almost white matching outfits, but they were clean and clothed.  It didn’t last long.One of the great features of the playground is this little misting pole.  Florida can get hot, as do children, so it’s a match made in heaven.  But it’s a playground, not a water park. Other children seemed to know this.  Not mine.  It didn’t take long for the shirts to come off, even little lady’s.  She does not like to be left out.And not much longer after that, for them to figure out how to manipulate streams of water so that they could torture each other.

At one point, I left my mom to watch my children so I could go to the bathroom.  This is what happened.  First of all, I could still hear my children screaming and laughing all the way on the other side of the park while in the bathroom.  Which caused me to wonder why they were the only children I could hear?  The other, a story related to me by my mother.  I think she may have been giving me a hint.  A little boy walked up to where my children were playing, I’m sure fascinated and probably hoping to get in on the action. His mother promptly walked up behind him and said something to the effect of, you’re not getting wet young man, we have no change of clothes for you.  The boy walked away, no questions asked.  My sons, on the other hand, rode home in their underwear.  You’ve got to love it!



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