Bear With Me

Hello, there! As you may have noticed, my header is was a little messed up, today. And, now, it’s different.  I figured it’s time for a change, around here, after all, I don’t even live in that house with the dirty dishes, anymore, and my sink certainly doesn’t resemble the hot mess it used to be.

It’s much deeper and wider now, so it hides much more ;).

So, please bear with me (not to be confused with bare with me, which would just be flat out awkward) while I attempt to make things a little prettier. I’m sure things will change, again, as I am a novice at this blog designing thing and am trying on looks like my sister getting ready for her college reunion.

But, I can tell you this, the time not to mess with your blog is forty five minutes before you have to take your daughter to swimming lessons.  I don’t know what I was thinking. Well, yes I do, I was thinking what I always think, “Hey, I can do that.”  You remember the whole backsplash ordeal.  Well, after reading another blog, written by a way more computer savvy person than myself, that gave detailed instructions on constructing your own blog header, which made it look oh, so easy (NOT!) I started tinkering, and tinkering, and tinkering some more until I was stuck with craptastic results and no way to go back, sort of like when you go after that one little blackhead that no one could see and end up with a red mark on your face for two weeks.

Anyway, if you saw the scene this afternoon, than you would have seen the first mess.  I had no choice.  I held out to the very last minute, until I had to leave, or else I risked losing part of my thirty minute swim lesson.  (I made that mistake with a massage, one time, and I’ve never been late for one, again.)  So I threw my bathing suit in the pool bag, and random food in the cooler, that I hoped would pass for lunch, and high tailed it out of here, in all my work out clothed sweatiness.

I made a little more progress, later in the day, but then my kids got hungry, the nerve, and I had to abandon my efforts, again.

You see, my long winded point is that this is really a project, like painting the rest of my house (that should be left to the pros), that should have been left for September, when the only sound I’ll here is my sump pump banging, as it empties.

So, it might get worse before it gets better, but hopefully, it will just get better.

Have a good one.

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