Black and White

So, I said I was going to learn how to use my camera….and did nothing. It wasn’t that I forgot about it completely, but I misplaced my manual which I had been carrying around, sure that the first chance I got, I would start reading it. Of course, that never happened, and you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind.  Yesterday, though, I decided to skip the blog and instead concentrate on the camera. While I didn’t get far with the camera stuff, I did discover the black and white setting. Now, I know (or least I have read) that most real photographers who shoot black and white, take pictures and then, when editing, take the color out completely and add it back in as they see fit, at least this is what I thought I read, but I could be completely wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time.

As you very well know, though, I am not a real photographer and I don’t own a photo editing program, besides what’s included in iphoto. Though, maybe I do and I just don’t know it. Just like my camera can do more, and my computer can do more, there are a lot of things in my life that can do more than I know (like my kids). Unfortunately, I rarely have the leisure time to devote to all this learning, unless I was to give up tv, and who wants to do that? Thirty Rock rocked last night! Once again, though, I digress.

So yesterday, I did some digging, found the manual, I can’t even remember where, that’s how bad my memory is getting, and started reading. I skimmed pass the directions on how to turn it on, thinking this was all kind of self explanatory, but then I rejoiced knowing that there was someone, somewhere, who needs directions on how to turn their camera on; and I felt immensely proud of myself for having more knowledge than that one person.  I got to the section on creative mode, which is like taking baby steps towards manual, and that’s when I found the black and white setting. I stopped there. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. So, I practiced taking pictures in the creative mode.

This, is my favorite. I know I’m biased, but isn’t she beautiful? And in the black and white setting you can’t even see how dirty her coat is. This is also my favorite, because the camera did exactly what I wanted it to. Second son up close, little lady blurred in the background, which is how I suppose second son would prefer life.This is my favorite, too. Let’s forget that this isn’t the best shot and that the color is a little off, but this is my favorite because it shows first son running off the bus, to me, to his home, to his family. He loves school, he loves coming home, he loves his friends, and Wii, and life in general.  He’s just one of those sunny kids. In fact, some people are just meant to be shot in color.Have a beautiful weekend.

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