Bragging Rights

Every once in a while, I just feel the need to brag… Second Son, nailed it! First Son, wrote it (his poem was chosen for display) and drew it.   Little Lady built it (her version of a doll house). Check out the detail!

The husband, coached it (again), this time in almost hundred degree weather!

And me, well, I have something, besides my family, that I’m proud of too.  About a month ago, I was contacted by someone who worked for this magazine:

She wanted to use a picture of the boys that she saw on my blog for story they were doing.  Of course, I said yes, thrilled that someone thought a picture of mine was worthy of publication.

The picture is from a post on the AC Air Show.

Now for the funny part.  She wanted to know my full name so that she could give me credit.  I gave it to her and asked that she use my blog url, too, which she happily obliged.  Then, one night, as I was falling asleep, I got all paranoid about privacy (I know, crazy because I blog) because for the first time my children’s surname would be connected with my blog.  The next day, I contacted her, again, and asked her to just credit the blog.

She kindly offered to send me a copy of the magazine when it came out (which also gave me a momentary, omg, did I just give my address to a serial killer) and it came on Friday sans serial killer.

I was so proud to see my picture, but truth be told, disappointed because I couldn’t find the credit. Then, my mom spotted it in the wee corner of the magazine. See that tiny writing in the crease.  Ha! I think my privacy would have been safe.  Anyway, I still think it’s pretty cool!






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