Busy, Busy, Busy!

Busy, busy, busy!  I think this could be the mantra of parents with school aged children, everywhere.  There was a time, when I found summer stressful and the school year, to be a reprieve from the endless days of summer.  That pretty much ended two years ago, as the boys became a little more self-sufficient, and summer became much more fun. Now, I find myself longing for those unstructured days.

I’m always amazed to think there was time, when the boys were young, that the days stretched before me, seemingly endless.  I’ve never known that feeling with Little Lady. She was born into busyness, and schedules, and places to be.  In a way, this made her baby years easier and definitely produced a more flexible child.  In another way, she’s never known days that revolved around park trips, and play dough, and museum outings.

Last Thursday, my husband left for a business trip and my mom came to help me out. It’s always special when she visits.  The kids love her so much.  She has such patience with them and their early morning ways, and their wish to share a bed with her, and their endless pleas to play.It’s my mom, who reminds me, that sometimes the simplest answers to any of the day’s ills are patience, calmness, and a little outdoor play, things that easily get forgotten in our busy, busy days.

During her stay, the tile guy came and I am loving the results.  Here’s the long shot of the downstairs bathroom.  And, the close-up.What I am not loving, is the wall paper removal.  I was in a mad rush to try and remove it behind the toilet, while the toilet was out.  I only half accomplished my goal.  The top layer and bottom layer separated, not the best scenario.I love the upstairs, too.  I love the look of the rectangular tiles and the way the color complements the tub, perfectly. Here’s the long view.And, the close-up.As for another one of our projects, notice the kitchen ceiling?  No hole!  My husband returned from out of town and did some patching work on Sunday. It still has to be sanded and painted, but we are getting closer to finishing, at least one project.

I just have one more comment for today, and that’s, whoever came up with the idea of daylight savings time, obviously did not have children.  Wake time was 4:55 a.m. this morning.  It’s going to take us months to adjust.

I hope your kids adjust easier.  Have a great day!

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  1. Daylight savings is wreaking havoc with us, too. I can’t wait to redo our flooring! Although I think I want it to be magically done while I am on vacation!

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