Valentine’s and Mirror Love

IMG_3865That day of the year came, again, when the world’s heart was aflutter with love. A day when we should have done everything in our power to profess our love for one another. Well, not really, but that’s what retailers want us to believe, so why not. Spend, people! Spend!

But, never fear, it’s not all ba-humbug around these parts, because who doesn’t love a little love and decoration in their lives? And any holiday (can I call it a holiday?) that involves candy, is a good one in my kids’ eyes. So, I spruced up the place, just a little, with a visit to the dollar section of Target. IMG_3893I do love these little candle holders and heart banners.IMG_3878At first, I thought I might actually try my hand at making a banner, but since I walked into Michael’s and realized there wasn’t actually a banners section, I went for the pre-made dollar one, just as good (let’s face it, probably better) and less messy than attempting one myself. Speaking of my Michael’s experience, it was while shopping for said banners that I realized, some people walk into this store and see possibility, I walk in and need direction. Oh, well, maybe next year.

Little kids love Valentine’s Day and my girl worked diligently on her Valentines only to be sidelined by, yet, another snow storm.IMG_3827Those hands!IMG_3845At least, we are finally getting our money’s worth out of the snow blower.

But the boys did have school on Friday. So, while I went to help out with one party, I made cupcakes for the other. Nothing like a little food coloring to say I love you!IMG_2054

Before I go, since we’re talking about love, can we just talk about my new mirror for a minute? IMG_3882Love it! I got it a Home Goods for $99 and couldn’t be happier. I’m still working on the rest of the mantle, it’s been pretty bare since Christmas, but in the meantime, the mirror keeps it from looking completely boring.

Enjoy your weekend.


For the Love of Beige

It’s no secret, I love a good beige. Don’t get me wrong, I love color, too, just not on my walls. As far as my house is concerned, it’s warm neutrals all the way (this might be true of my wardrobe as well).

Don’t tell Little Lady, but one of my least favorite paint colors is green, hence my efforts to try to convince her that pink walls were the way to go. We all know how that went.IMG_1919

I especially didn’t like the green in my kitchen. Except for maybe five minutes of the day, when the sun was shining just right, it looked blah, or neon, or something! It also accentuated the overwhelming amount of cherry stained cabinets and country hutch (that thing has got to go), just a little more than I cared for. You can see it in these pictures. Excuse the mess but this was the only before picture I had from this angle, it’s when I was going for the kitchen/den combo.


IMG_1429The color depressed me every time I looked at it.

Enter, Ben Moore’s Bleeker Beige, one of my favorite colors. I used it in my last house and it turned my not quite right creamy kitchen color into the perfect match, so I knew it would work in my new house, too. In fact, I’ve had the paint for about a year now, it was one of the first things I purchased for the house during one of Sherwin Williams paint sales (it’s a BM color that I had matched in SW paint), because let’s face it, good paint can be expensive, but if you don’t want to paint fifteen coats, then you need to buy good paint. Believe it or not, I finished this room with one gallon.

So, when my light fixture finally showed up (more on that in a minute), I knew the time had come to finally get painting. And paint I did, from 9:30 in the morning, until 9:30 that night, only breaking for pick-ups, lunch, and dinner, not because I’m ambitious, but because who wants to clean up twice? Not me. Here’s the kitchen, now, painted and with my new light fixture.


Here’s a few more. Before, don’t ask me why, but this corner of the room always bothered me.


Here it is, after.




IMG_1896I love it.

I love my new pendant light, too. However, what I’m not so crazy about is the light it gives off. You see, my love of neutral paint colors is only rivaled by my love of yellow lighting, which is why I ordered the Finley Light from Crate and Barrel in wheat and not white. The problem is that when lit, the drum has a textured look to it that I could do without.

IMG_1910But it will do.

A little over a year later, and my house is finally starting to feel like a home. Just in time to celebrate my husbands birthday, yesterday. They’re a good looking bunch, aren’t they?


Electric Blue It Is

I guess I didn’t learn my lesson the first time, because I took my kids to the paint store, again. Not by choice, of course, but because it is summer and if I left them home, I would probably get arrested. I say probably, because after meeting my kids the cops might understand.  Like the lady in the paint store, who after witnessing the debacle that is my three children, told me all about the summer camp her children used to attend, “They picked them up at eight and dropped them off at six. It was great.” I’m sure it was. Don’t you just love unsolicited advice?

Or, like the post office worker, who took my picture for my passport and processed my paper work, after spending ten minutes with my children, asked me where I was going, and if I was coming back.  Yea, ha, ha, funny guy.

But anyway, back to the paint store. Do you remember in when I organized First Son’s room? Well, around that time, Sherwin Williams was having a sale on paint, so I bought navy blue paint for his walls. I never got around to actually painting them, but I had a plan, navy blue walls, two red stripes, because he loves red and racing stripes, with a thin white stripe in between. (Aren’t I so ambitious! :))

After a few months, I started reconsidering the navy. His room is the sunniest in the house and although I think it could have handled the navy just fine, I started to wonder if it was just a bit too dark for a nine year old. So, I told him there was going to be a change. The new plan, light blue walls, red large stripes, and some thinner navy stripes in between.

That plan was derailed, yesterday, when we went to buy the paint and my son was overcome with love for an electric blue paint chip, also known as Benjamin Moore’s Rocky Mountain Sky.

I tried to talk him out of it, laid out my plan, showed him how beautiful the colors I picked looked together, but he persisted and reminded me that I let Little Lady choose her color, so why couldn’t he choose his. Funny, he can’t remember where he left the shoes he took off one hour previously, but he remembers the green room debate. Nevertheless, he had a point.

I know, I know, it’s my house, blah, blah, blah, but shouldn’t you love the room you live in?  I think so. So, if electric blue makes him happy, than why not. I’m all for happy children,

What I’m not all for is cutting in.  In fact, I hate it.  And I hate it more, when the color is electric blue (or bright green for that matter), and any little shake of the hand earns you with a nice blue splotch on a pristine white ceiling.

But, after putting up some sample paint, yesterday, and seeing First Son’s look of triumph, I decided to just go for it and used the sample to cut in.  Five hours later, things looked like this.IMG_1138

I didn’t finish, and of course, ran out of paint, because sample sizes are just that, samples, and I didn’t have the time or energy to take everyone back to the paint store. As you can see, I was a little giddy by then.IMG_1139


IMG_1140So, this morning, in an effort to save my sanity, I called in my order. I asked the guy on the phone to give me the same exact paint that was in the sample, because that’s what I used to cut in. You know what he said?  “Bad idea.”

Um, excuse me?

Yes, as it turns out those little samples are like little mystery paints. No one is exactly sure what blend or sheen they come from, so odds are, according to said paint guy, I’ll have to paint over everything that I’ve already done.  As if!  Those edges better blend or we’re going ombre.

I’ll let you know.

Basement progress

Life, as much as it can, has been put on hold, this week, while I prime the basement. The much anticipated carpet is finally going to be installed and I couldn’t be happier.

I am ready to reclaim the other parts of my house (office, garage, and den), that have been housing the contents of the basement.

Unlike changing the color of a room, painting drywall has proved to be a completely unsatisfying, but necessary, task, made more urgent by the fact that the installer told me Monday, he would be here Thursday.

But it’s not like we haven’t had time to prepare.  The basement has officially been completed, from a construction point of view, for over a month now, but I guess I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t wait until the last minute.

Off I go to finish.