Christmas Is

Christmas is…making cookies while giving new meaning to the naked chef, giving and receiving cards, late nights and early mornings, traveling to Grandma’s for Christmas Eve with cousins, exchanging gifts with family, finally getting a Dora doll, increasing your Hess collection,and getting the best present ever from your grandparents (laser tag).  Christmas isposing with your gun (seriously?), lots of excitement, your uncle’s plaid pants,  getting dressed for Christmas Eve mass,and your mom forgetting one of your dress shoes (thank goodness for purple sneakers).Christmas is very early (4:45 am) mornings, after very little sleep, more guns, Battle Ships (do I detect a theme?), princesses,moon shoes (I’ll let you know how these go),and wearing your Christmas dress while you decorate yourself with stickers, two days later, just because you can.

Christmas is exhausting, exhilarating, and perfectly lovely.

Hope your days were merry and bright.

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