Cleaning As You Go (Sucks!)

Yesterday, in the hopes of living in a serene and tidy environment, I tried the cleaning as I go method (as opposed to the cleaning when I have to method). Here’s what happened:

6:00am-hear first son go downstairs, feign sleep in the hopes that I will fall back asleep for thirty minutes.  Eventually succumb to the reality that I am up for the day, get up and quickly make bed.  This in itself is not usual for me, but feels good so I go with it.
6:30-7:30am-breakfast round one, empty dishwasher, make first son’s lunch, read paper, check email, check words with friends, drink 2 cups of coffee, yell at first son to get ready, run around frantically as bus waits outside.
8:30am-wave goodbye to first son (I love the bus.) Check e-mail again as little lady tears apart game closet. Wonder where the childproof lock is that I put on the doors.
8:45am-breakfast round two.  Second son has a Yo Baby at waking, it’s like his coffee so he isn’t ready for a real breakfast until an hour or two later.  Have third cup of coffee. Clean up game mess in laundry room.
9:15-10:00am-make first real attempt to clean up breakfast dishes and kitchen.  Actually spray counters down while talking to mom on phone. Marvel at my clean and sparkling almost bare kitchen counters.  Feel very satisfied with myself…until little lady insists on oatmeal that I am sure she will not eat. I am right.
10:00-10:30am-Clean kitchen again, probably check email again, finally get on the elliptical after at least a week off.  It feels like the longest 25 minutes of my life. Exercise while watching little lady tear apart playroom. Resolve to clean up later.
10:30-11:00am-Clean the bathroom, what the hell, I’m already sweaty.  Start a load of laundry, take a shower. Feel like I am a cleaning queen.
11:15-12:15pm-Make lunch, clean kitchen again, get second son ready for school (yes, he’s still in his pajamas) and dress little lady. Switch laundry around, pick up more miscellaneous stuff off the floor before leaving to take second son to school.
12:45-2:45pm-return home and put little lady down for a nap.  Sweet freedom.  Eat lunch, which means I have to clean kitchen again, find 10 things to throw out, start another load of laundry, check my e-mail again (who do I think I am?), surf the web, blog, tidy up some more, and before I know it it’s 2:45 and I’m leaving to pick up second son.  Feel like I am kicking ass as far as this cleaning thing is concerned.
3:20-3:50pm-Return home, send second son to room after he throws fit over something (pick a topic, any topic), go outside and take pictures of weeds in grass.  Wait for first son to get off bus, go inside and give snacks to everyone, clean kitchen again.
4:00-4:15pm-Come to the realization that I have pretty much been cleaning ALL DAY LONG! Realize I have to start dinner soon.  Starting to feel annoyed and tired. Give into little lady’s pleas to play puzzles which inspires sons to find big boy puzzles, which involves getting puzzle bin out of second son’s large, packed, disorganized closet. Go upstairs after several screams for help.
4:15-5:15pm-Spend the next hour cleaning out second son’s closet.  Wondering why it has taken me so long to clean out and remove the filing cabinet from his closet.  It has been there since we moved in.  I don’t know what’s in it.  I will find out tomorrow when I, hopefully, have time to clean it out.  For now it resides in the hallway.
5:15-6:30pm-Dinner, which also involves cleaning the kitchen, yet again.
6:30-6:45pm-More puzzles with little lady.  I knew I should have resisted the first time she asked.  Boys upstairs playing nicely, but making a mess.  Yell up to them to clean up puzzles. Eventually, they comply.
6:45-7:15pm-Husband comes home.  Breathe a sigh of relief that backup has arrived. Leave puzzles scattered on playroom floor, this cleaning crap is getting old.  Sit with five baby dolls and little lady on the couch, snuggling and watching the news.
7:15-8:20pm-Get little lady to bed. Move onto the boys. Realize upstairs a complete mess, bath towels strewn on floor, bathroom sink covered with toothpaste, clothes on floor.  Feeling really agitated, I feel like I’ve been picking up after myself and kids all day. Shouldn’t the house be clean?
8:20pm-Head downstairs to find one lone plate with zucchini on the counter.  Feel really annoyed.  Move dish to sink, dishwasher is already running.  Watch the Wednesday night line-up on ABC.  Laugh a little, cry a little (Modern Family).  Go to bed.  Lay in bed wondering if this new idea of cleaning as you go is really worth it.  It seems like a lot of work with not that much payoff.  Decide I need a new plan of action.

Today-Tried to continue the clean as you go thing, failed miserably, house looks like a tornado hit it.  Filing cabinet, still full, is in the upstairs hallway.



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