Cleaning Service=Happiness

It’s Friday and my house is clean!  Any trepidations I had, yesterday, are gone, and in fact, I liked them so much, they’re coming back in two weeks.

It was such a pleasure to have someone come in and clean my house that I think I would rather go without food than give up this small luxury.

I thought the price was reasonable, my husband pointed out (he would tell you, in a very non-judgemental tone) that it was the sum of a car payment.  Yes, the same husband who has been asking me to hire a maid, or nanny, or someone, whose job is to just really attend to us and all our needs, think Alice from the Brady Bunch.  I’m not sure what he thinks that would cost.

I pointed out that he could start mowing the lawn.  He said that’s different, the lawn is the outside, and did I really want him to spend two hours a weekend attending to the lawn?

I say, we don’t live on the lawn.

Besides, I asked, do you really want me to spend two hours every week cleaning the house? As if two hours is all it takes, because let’s face it, maybe every other week is good for some families, but my house would be a pee laced, toy strewn, crusty, dusty mess if I didn’t clean almost daily.  Every two weeks is simply an added bonus.

Anyhow, the cleaning people at Mimi’s Magic were awesome.  They dusted.  They vacuumed.  They mopped.  They scrubbed toilets, cleaned windows, and made my appliances shine in a way I didn’t know they could.  And I only paid $65 on Groupon for a two hour cleaning.  You should see the list they’re going to tackle, with no time limit, when they come back in two weeks. I’m seriously excited.

In other news, look at this!  The horror!I just got my pedicure, which normally can last me close to a month.  Not this time.  I stubbed my toe coming in the garage last night, just when I started to make peace with the green.  Apparently, Jade is the New Black, at least according to OPI.

In the winter, I could let my toes go like this for weeks, but it’s the summer sandal season, so I’m going to have to tackle these bad boys, today.  Good thing I hit Nordstrom rack, yesterday, because I picked up a new color while waiting to check out.

Speaking of Nordstrom Rack, this was the first time I visited ours and I’m not sure what I thought about it.  I mean, I liked it, but I would hardly call it Nordstroms.  It’s more like a good discount store.  I thought maybe I could score some high end sandals at a bargain basement price, but really, they had shoes there that I saw at DSW the night before, shoes that I have never seen at  the real Nordstroms.  But guess what I did find? Fit Flops for $39!  I think they’re last season’s, but at forty dollars less, who cares?  So I picked up another pair, as well as this face wash which I just read about in a magazine.

Source: via Evelyn on Pinterest


I really like it.  But do you see what I mean?  Neutrogena.  I’ve never seen Neutrogena in Nordstroms, CVS maybe, but definitely not Nordstroms.

Well, we’re off to the beach.  Wahoo!!  Hope you have a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Service=Happiness

  1. I like the Rack but if it’s discount high-end stuff you want look at a Neiman Marcus Last Call. I love the store but I still can’t afford most of the stuff even at a steep discount. I do wind up buy shoes there and the occasional really nice dress.

    I have a cleaning service once a month and it’s worth every penny. Once you start, you can’t stop. When else is your whole house going to be clean all at the same time. Plus they do the stuff I hate, like cleaning ;o). Between the cleaning and the yard guy, it is a nice car payment, true, but so worth it.

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