Cookies, Cookies, and More Cookies

Good morning! Christmas is approaching quickly, which means last minute gift buying, wrapping, class parties and of course, baking cookies to eat and gift.Yesterday, Little Lady had her class holiday sing-along, which can only be described as the shortest holiday program ever.  I almost felt bad that my mom traveled a little over an hour to watch a show (if you could call it that) that started at 10:45 and ended a little before 11:00, but Little Lady was so delighted (and surprised) to see her, that it was worth it. After the show, we surprised Second Son, who was also overjoyed to see his Grandma (and equally as excited about chocolate milk), and took him out of his enrichment class early so we could go to a nice lunch at Cosi.Once Second Son headed off to kindergarten, and my mom left, Little Lady and I got busy baking.  Cookie number one (on the right), soft gingersnap cookies with white chocolate chunks. Let me start out by saying that I am not a fan of gingersnaps.  However, on a whim last year, I made these cookies.  They, hands down, ended up being my favorite cookie of the bunch. When I went to make them again this year, I could not find my recipe.  A quick search of the Internet and I found this recipe on Two Peas and Their Pod.  I promise you, if you make this cookie, you won’t be disappointed.

While on their site, I also spotted this recipe for chocolate caramel cookies with sea salt (the one on the left).  This cookie was delicious and easy to make.  The richness of the cookie and caramel work perfectly with the sea salt.  My only regret, I didn’t add enough caramel.  I won’t make that mistake again.  The final cookie of the day was an Oreo truffle, a recipe which can be found all over the Internet, which I’m renaming, the crack cookie, because it’s hard to stop at just one. These were by far the easiest to make.  Combine a package of Oreos with an 8 oz. package of cream cheese.  For those of you who don’t own a food processor, I used my mixer. Take the mixture, roll it into little balls and then put them in the freezer to harden for about fifteen minutes.  Once they are hard, melt some chocolate, I used the melting wafers that you can find at any craft store, dip the balls into the chocolate and decorate with sprinkles.

Now, let me just say, when I first mixed the cream cheese and Oreos, I gave it a taste, and thought, it’s ok.  Then, after I dipped it in chocolate and let it cool a little, I gave it another taste.  OMG, is all I can say. A sentiment that was repeated throughout my house as each member tasted, and then requested another one.

Today, I make the classic peanut butter blossoms (which have to come last since they are my family’s favorite and wouldn’t survive otherwise) and peppermint bark, which I never made before.

Tomorrow, I start distributing all these goodies, before they disappear from the plate and appear on my thighs.

Have a great day!

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