Cousins Rock

It’s not just my immediate family celebrating birthdays around here.  My niece celebrated nine years of life on Monday.As always, we were happy to share in the celebration.  Well, I guess I should say, the second celebration.  Lovely lady had her girlie girl slumber party Friday night, which I tried to nudge my way into, but was politely rejected.  I told her if we lived closer, I would have been there, invite or not.

What?  It was a spa party. I needed my toes done.

She had a blast at her slumber/spa party, but, you know, in some ways, I think we make for a better time. I’m not saying the lovely lady would agree, but hey, I’m entitled to my opinion.

So, here are the top ten reasons boy cousins (and a little girl cousin) are better than friend parties:

1.  No party anxiety.  You invite them, they’ll show up.  If you don’t invite them, they’ll still show up.
2.  No crying, even when you nail one of them in the face with a soccer ball.  Not only won’t he cry, or hold it against you, but he’ll wear it as a badge of honor and enjoy reenacting the event many times over.  No blood, no foul, game on!
3.  When your cousins are being gross, you can say things like, “You are so disgusting!” and they will take it as the highest compliment.
4. They can serenade you with arm fart versions of  Happy Birthday and Mary Had a Little Lamb (see above) and give an encore if needed.
5.  They don’t care that you keep dipping your finger in the cake and will happily follow your lead.6.  They only play with toys that you’ve outgrown (see baby girl cousin), thus annoying your little sister.  This frees up your time immensely. 7.  When you’ve had enough of them, you can go watch tv and they will never ask, “Why are you ignoring me?” They’ll simply go find your purple roller skates and give them a try.8.  You don’t have to worry about your hair, your outfit, or anything.  They don’t worry about theirs, why should they worry about yours.
9.  A nice break from all that boy talk.  We all know boys are gross (see number five), except to their mommy, who thinks they are perfect just the way they are, arm farts and all.
10.  Friends come and friends go, but cousins are forever!Happy Birthday, Lovely Lady!  We love you.

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