Cousins, Second Cousins, Cousins Once Removed-A Tutorial

I don’t know about your family, but my family is big, mostly because my mom is the youngest of seven, my dad the third of four.  That makes for a lot of cousins.  Cousins grow up, and they have children, too, which causes one to ask the question, what does that make them to me?

This is what I’ve learned.  Cousins-self explanatory.  Cousins once removed, are the children of your first cousins.  If you have children, then your children and your cousin’s children are second cousins.  Complicated?  Well, here’s a little visual.

I just love this guy, he’s my cousin.  He’s one of five. Hey there! These are my first cousins (and princess) once removed.These are more of my cousins. And can I just say, that I don’t see these guys very often, but if they are even half as close and supportive of each other as I think they are, than my greatest is wish is that my children have the same type of relationship.

This is my first cousin, once removed. It was our first time meeting.  Welcome to the family, handsome.These two are second cousins. They, plus her twin sister, below, were adorable together.Also, second cousins.And, new BFF’s.They’re second cousins, too.Got it?

And trust me, that’s not all of them, but I didn’t pull my camera out until later, so I missed some cousins, second cousins, cousins once removed, lots of aunts and uncles, a great aunt, and some of my mom’s cousins, and their children, which I guess would make them my first cousins once removed and second cousins.  I think.

Speaking of aunts and uncles, it was because of my uncle and aunt that I was able to see all these family members.  They were hosting a party at their house, and if I might add, a really awesome house, with a backyard straight out of magazine, to celebrate their son’s graduation from CSI.  Congratulations!

It was the perfect occasion to reunite with family and meet some members for the very first time.  These brave soldiers drove all the way from Texas in an RV, braved a mouse or two, and more than one night in a Wal-Mart parking lot just to get to NJ.  It made our measly little two hour drive look like child’s play.

It was a relaxing day and I was glad we were able to attend. Because no matter what I call them (and really, I just use their first names), they’re all family, and no matter how far we’ve spread out, or how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, we all grow from the same roots.

Happy Monday.

One thought on “Cousins, Second Cousins, Cousins Once Removed-A Tutorial

  1. Love the lesson 😉 It was great seeing everyone again. We really need to have these parties over a long weekend so there is enough time to visit with everyone and catch up. I know there were some people I barely even said hi to.

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