Crap and More Crap

I was forced to face facts, this past week.  All my time spent organizing, all the money spent on binders, hanging folders, shelves, hooks, etc., was really just wasted time.  I’ve decided that the best organization system for me (is to hire someone else to do it) is simply to throw everything out.  All the shelves and cubbies, just gave me more nooks and crannies to shove shit in.  All my stackable bill filing station left me with, was an hour of shredding bills that dated all the way back from December.  The junk drawers that I have continuously emptied, all filled, again.

More, for me, is really just more junk hiding.  Everything in my life, including my refrigerator, needs to be of shallow depth, where I can see everything in plain eyesight. This is why I don’t do well with drawers.  Really, just give me a closet where I can hang everything.

The kids are taking this whole move thing in stride.  Surprisingly, no one has asked where we are moving to, or what our new house will look like, which is good thing, considering there is none.  Right now, they just are excited at the prospect of living with Grandma for two weeks.  We’ll see what happens, after that, when they find themselves at the Residence Inn.

Since most of our belongings will be going in storage, we had the kids put aside toys that they would like to take with them to their Grandparents. We asked that whatever they take be able to fit in yet, another plastic container I bought, in hopes of organizing, that really just became another receptacle for trash.  This is what First Son has gathered, so far. This is Second Son’s pile.  Technically, he says, it all fits in the box. I guess I should have set a height requirement.From these pictures, you would assume that one of my sons is a hoarder and the other, not. Strangely, the one who appears to be a minimalist can’t throw out a piece of paper that he’s doodled on, the other one, well, the only thing he’s sentimental about is food. I suspect he just doesn’t trust this whole storage thing.  Frankly, I don’t blame him.

The house has become a maze of boxes surrounded by mayhem. (Although you wouldn’t know it because I’m blogging right now,) I’m working fast and furiously through the house, trying very hard to sort the trash from the keepers, so as not to needlessly pack crap and more crap. But, as the deadline approaches and time becomes of the essence, more stuff is just going in boxes than going away.  I imagine by Sunday I’ll just be desperately throwing things in trash bags, left to sort it all out once we find our new home.

Happy Weekend!

One thought on “Crap and More Crap

  1. I usually just wind up throwing everything I can away……then buying it again as needed. Except for the stuff I just throw into boxes, put in storage, then move into the attic to go through one day. I probably have stuff I haven’t seen in over ten years up there. I usually find that I wound up literally pack garbage toward the end 🙂
    Good luck!!!

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