Early Morning Conversations

I love these two boys. They’ve been together for what feels like always. ¬†When their differences were very obvious. To times when it’s hard to tell the difference. I love them when they wake me up at five in the morning with their loud chattering and squeals of mischief. Even as I lay, stewing in my bed, fighting with all my might the urge to yell, “SHUT UP!” Because they are my boys, the ones who often watch tv like this:and like this: and used to wear coats like this:and love each other like this:On mornings, like today, as I lay there listening to their early morning conversations, unable to fall back asleep, I smile (even when I’m really angry) at the comical nature of their conversations, as they go back and forth between sounding like two scheming children, to two old bickering men, both with a deep love for each other. I hope they carry that love and bond through life. Happy Monday.

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