Early Morning Musings

At 10:30 this morning, I was craving hummus and pumpkin seeds and bacon cheddar cheese dip with tortilla chips, so I ate them all. No, I’m not pregnant. I’m tired, and apparently, was craving lunch mid-morning, since I got up before the sun did, which is the only time I can give you. I don’t keep a clock in my bedroom. I haven’t needed an alarm since 2003 when my first child was born, and I’d rather not know what time it is when I wake up in the middle of the night, or lest, I deal with the anxiety, of omg, look what time it is, what if I don’t fall back to sleep?

But, I can tell you this, when I woke up this morning, it was dark and my eyes burned, but try as I might, I just couldn’t get back to sleep. I have one of those brains that turns on as soon as I open my eyes, which was a necessary action in order to find my way to the bathroom, which I think was the reason I woke up in the first place.

Absent of anything really important to think about and my brain starts moving to whatever petty issues are remaining, which in this case, is still those damn juniors parking in front of my house.

Here’s why. This week, there was some kind of special testing going on at the high school, testing that allows everyone, who was not taking said test, to come in late. (Which, not to digress, but is this really how we are preparing our children for the future?  Quiet, now, everybody, John is trying to do his job, he cannot hear footsteps in the hallway when he is, auditing a firm, meeting with clients, using the cash register, you get the point. Is hearing a bell enough to throw these kids into a frenzy and divert them from their task? If so, we’re in trouble.)

This meant that when I walked my son to the bus stop, my street was free of the sixteen assorted monster trucks, Mercedes, BMW’s and Audi’s that are usually lining the curb, and it was glorious! That is until ten a.m., when they all came rolling in, and then, it went back to being a parking lot and not so glorious.

So, on one of these days, I just happened to be coming home from a walk when once again, a truck like this, pulled up in front of my house. UntitledBTW, this truck, which is slightly smaller than the actual truck that parks in front of my house, is just ridiculous for a new driver living in a populated suburb. We’re not traveling the back woods on country roads.

Perfect timing for me to let this kid know I felt. So, I calmly explained to him how annoying it was to have him parked in front of my house all day long. I further explained that when he parks there, anyone who might be coming to my house, whether it be a landscaper, guest, whatever, can’t because he is blocking the front of my house. Blah, blah, blah.

He seemed a little embarrassed and it ended, I thought, on a somewhat positive note. I actually even felt a little bad, later, picturing my own son, standing there squirming, while some lady made him feel bad for parking in front of her house.

That is, until the next day, when he parked that ridiculous truck of his right in front of my house, again. So much for talking, now I just want to egg his truck. I said want, I didn’t say will.

After lying in bed, for what felt like forever, envisioning ways to get back at this kid (see my thing), I started to feel ridiculous, since it was pretty obvious I wasn’t going back to sleep (did you think I felt ridiculous for obsessing over the truck? Silly, you!). So, I got up and tiptoed down the edge of my stairs, because that seems to be the only place where they only sort of creak, and I went downstairs and made some coffee. Thank God for coffee, which I need so much of today, I’m already planning out my cups, so I can drink some later this afternoon and sans heart palpitations.

Today, the truck didn’t show up, but that’s because the BMW (did I mention how ridiculous it is that these kids drive these expensive cars) took its spot, but even he was gone by ten o’clock, though I’m not sure why. What school day ends at ten? In its place was a landscaping truck with a trailer, blocking the whole end of the street, which was a welcome sight, because I knew he would be gone in an hour. IMG_2711I wonder how I can get him to show up in the mornings?

And unless you think I just sit in my front room taking pictures of my street, obsessing over high school kids, I also take pictures of myself, in my new white shirt courtesy of Nordstrom Rack, thank you very much. (I’m waving to you, not doing the wave.)IMG_2705I love it, but it’s preventing me from doing anything meaningful today. I don’t want to get my shirt dirty.

If I have any readers left (with all my sporadic and somewhat disjointed posts), you may have noticed my little absence. It was for good reason. I got all caught up in this guy making his First Communion. IMG_5023Which, for me, meant spending an exhausting week searching for a dress to wear, only to end up wearing the same thing I did on Easter (talk about missing the point).

And did I even mention Mother’s Day, or tell you how my sweet kids and husband made me breakfast in bed? And I how sat in bed on my laptop until church time, followed by a peaceful afternoon in the sunshine watching my boys play soccer? We topped off the day with a nice dinner out, which is the best kind. I’m a lucky mama!IMG_2639

And then there was a Bike-a-thon thrown in for good measure, where my girl showed off her biking prowess.IMG_2658Of course, I can’t forget sports which hogs my time like no other. Thankfully, soccer is almost over. Can I get a hallelujah? IMG_5108Just one more measly make-up game.IMG_5208 Lacrosse, for our purposes, because we won’t make the last game, is over as well. And that leaves me with just baseball (at least, until roller hockey starts in June).

Frankly, I am happy. I have field fatigue, practice fatigue, and scheduling fatigue. I am ready for it all to be over, and that includes school. I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune come mid-July.

That’s it for now. Happy Memorial Day! I’ll be on the fields all weekend (but only with one sport), as long as the sun is shining, I’ll be happy.


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