Earth to Echo-Bring Your Dramamine

I took two of my kids to the movies this week to see Earth to Echo. It wasn’t my first choice, but First Son really wanted to see it, so when my middle guy, who had no interest in seeing it beyond getting candy at the snack bar, was at camp, I took the other two.

Billed as a modern day ET, Earth to Echo is the story of three friends who find an alien who needs their help to get home. I’ll just say it, it was cute, but it was no ET.  Not only that, it was unbearable to watch, and by unbearable, I mean I sat there with my eyes closed for 75% of the movie, while my daughter leaned over me yelling “Wake up!”

I assure you, I was not sleeping. I was trying to combat the fierce motion sickness bought on by the first person camera work, a la Blair Witch Trial. Watching Earth to Echo, was like watching someone’s bad home movies for an hour and a half. In fact, I told my husband it reminded me of the time I watched my friend’s older brother’s tour of Costa Rica, video he had shot mostly from the car. Five minutes in, I had to leave the room.

This time, unfortunately, I couldn’t leave.

My son, on the other hand, didn’t notice the flimsy plot line, shallow characters, or crappy camera work. In fact, he said it was his favorite movie, which I highly doubt considering the amount of times he has watched and quoted The Lego Movie.

My daughter, neither professed her love nor hate for the movie, but she did say, as we were leaving the theatre, that she had a headache. What can I say? Like mother, like daughter.

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