Easter Traditions

Primarily, Easter is a religious holiday, but it’s also about families, dinners, egg hunts and dressing up, which if you’re a parent, also means the perfect opportunity for a photo. Except, I felt totally photo challenged yesterday.  I had trouble shooting in the sunlight, had no better luck shooting in the shade, or in partial sunlight or in partial shade. You get my point, right?  Now (happily) charged with the task of photographing my niece’s first communion, I think I might need to look into the whole taking pictures in the sun thing. It seems to be one of those things that when I try to plan, doesn’t work out too well, yet when I capture moments spontaneously, goes just fine.  You see what I mean?  It didn’t help that these five children can not sit still for more than three seconds at a snap (unless it involves Wii or Wizards of Waverly Place).  When it comes to pictures, they must be on to me, because the more I try to get the perfect shot, the less they cooperate.

Anyway, we were blessed with a super Easter Sunday this year.  The weather was beautiful and everyone was happy and healthy and semi-well rested (unless you were my husband who had to endure the boys waking him every hour or so from three a.m. on, to ask him if the Easter bunny had come).

Like most families, we have certain Easter traditions.  Some of these traditions happen no matter what, like a big dinner which we enjoy Saturday night, so that everyone can relax and enjoy a glass of wine, dyeing Easter eggs, which I missed because I had to go buy our children last minute Easter outfits, thank you TJ Maxx,  (which by the way is a source of disagreement between the hubby and I, he claims I did not tell him to pack the clothes hanging on the laundry room door, I assured him that I most definitely did) and church. Other traditions, however, are very weather dependent, like our great post church Easter Egg Hunt, and strolling the boardwalk.

First, the Easter Egg Hunt, which with a food allergic child, was born out of necessity and fun.  It’s all about improvising.  To make things fair, we give the little ones an advantage by staggering the start times.  Little lady, who wasted no time out of the gate, was first. And eventually (I’m talking seconds) we worked our way towards the bigger kids, who really don’t care that the youngest member of the hunt is five and six years younger than them, all is fair in love, war and Easter egg hunts.  See my dad holding his hand out?  He’s like the starting gate.This little beauty is the last one out, but don’t worry she’s quick.

Next stop, the boardwalk.  After a failed attempt at getting little lady to nap, we made our way to the boardwalk to buy our half priced tickets for the rides and our beach badges. After all, it’s never to early to start thinking about summer.Really, first son, is that a peace sign or bunny ears and why are you holding them up behind our beach badges?

The boardwalk was packed and a lot of the rides were open, so we stayed and played a while.  Check out the new sunglasses the Easter Bunny left behind for little lady. Some of us (not me) were more adventurous than others.  Thank goodness second son has an uncle who’s not prone to motion sickness, or else I don’t know if I would have allowed him to partake in this ride.  These swings might appear benign, but they were anything but! They went fast and high!  Definitely not for the faint of heart.  The picture below is pre-ride.  Someone, please thank the folks at Justice for their whole peace loving marketing campaign.  The marketers (and my sons’ penchant for copying their older cousin) are single-handedly helping to ruin all my pictures. Amidst protests, we strolled, exhausted, back to our cars.  And we laughed at second son, who protested the loudest about leaving.  Too tired to walk, he finagled his way into several “rides” on the walk back.Something tells me had we given in to his pleas to play miniature golf,  he would have happily found the energy.  

The kids finally, after two weeks, return to school tomorrow.  I think it will be a welcomed change for us all!  I hope your weekends were just as special as mine.  Happy Monday!

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