Egg Tapping and Other Easter Traditions

Happy (belated) Easter!

Easter is one of those holidays that, for my family, comes with its share of traditions. It starts with the dying of the eggs.
This usually takes place at Grandma’s, with cousins. Because, let’s face it, everything’s more fun at Grandma’s and with cousins, at least that’s what these two think.Saturday night, we have a big dinner, drink some wine, stuff ourselves with dessert, one of which is the traditional bunny cake, and call it a night.

The next day, my kids get up at an ungodly hour, wake everyone else up, and feast on candy, with one of them eating it all before nine.  I’ll let you guess who.  After lots of coffee, we get dressed from head to toe in our Sunday best. Once dressed, we go stand in church, because we’re never early enough to find a seat, come home and take lots of beautiful family photos.Can you tell which kid slept the least? Here’s a hint, you can barely see his eyes, and it’s not because they’re closed.Then, it’s on to the Easter egg hunt, where the kids spiritedly (read push and shove) hunt for eggs, until they are all gone.Second Son declared himself a winner, but is that any surprise considering there is candy and money involved? Next up, the egg tapping, which is also called egg knocking, or egg jarping, if you live in England. Truth be told, we never had a name for it, until yesterday, when my brother-in-law, curious about the history, looked it up. Turns out it’s been around for a long time. It’s a simple game, played tournament style, with one person trying to crack the other’s egg. The winner moves on, the broken egg and the person holding it, eliminated. This year, there was a bit of controversy surrounding the tapping, as Second Son decided to encircle his egg with battle armor, otherwise known as stickers. This struck some of the rule conscientious (or as I like to call them, sore losers) as cheating, but I say all is fair in love and egg tapping.  And I can say this, since it I beat it!

Yep, I am the reigning egg tapping champion, two years in a row.

Once we recovered from the intense competition of egg jarping, we moved onto another yearly tradition, the boardwalk. It was fun, but a little like Disney all over again, cold and windy.  Can someone tell Mother Nature that it’s spring time, already? We got our discount ride tickets, rode a few rides, and called it quits once the rain started coming down.

Today, it was back to reality, restless kids, and spring break. Happy Monday.

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