Check out these candles! The flame burns the same color as the candle.

IMG_6533Fall is a busy time of year for almost all moms. The fact that everyone in this family celebrates a birthday in the fall, except me, makes it even busier, so it should be no surprise that I’ve been missing this past week and a half.  Complicating matters, this year, the soccer social, the big fundraiser for our soccer club, which I like to call members subsidizing other members, occurred one day after my daughter’s birthday, which occurred six days after my husband’s birthday. IMG_6566That’s a big two weeks for me.When everyone started school this year, I wondered what I was going to do with my time, so much so that in a moment of insanity, I submitted an application for a job online, that I later rescinded (that same night), in a moment of recovered sanity. I’ll save that story for another day. In reality, I can barely get my house cleaned, errands done, dinner made, and do laundry before the kids get home from school. Then, between dinner, homework and after school activities, my life becomes a full on assault.

My neighbor has a theory about this, she thinks the more you have to do, the more you can get done, which is why working mom’s are able to get all their crap done and go to work. For the most part, I agree with this theory.IMG_6655 I got a lot done, last week, which did not include going to a job, but did include going into school to help carve pumpkins, shopping for a dress and boots for the aforementioned social, buying my daughter’s birthday gift, buying my husband’s present, making two cakes, getting my hair and eyebrows done, then, finding someone to fix my botched eyebrow job, exercising, attending a luncheon for a school board candidate, making a half assed run to the food store, and getting my kids to activities every single night. But, at the end of the week, you know what didn’t get done? The house work. Apparently, I can get a lot of things done as long as it does not involve cleaning or meal planning, because we ate a lot of takeout, too.

It was a busy, but good week, except for the eyebrow thing (I’ll save that one too). It’s hard to believe my girl is six.  Look at her in all her leopard glory.IMG_6648This is year, she really got a handle on the birthday thing, requesting presents and assigning gift buyers, telling me how she wanted them presented to her (on the table, in the morning so that when she walked down the stairs they would be waiting for her). IMG_3919In other words, she got really carried away. IMG_3920But, I will say this, she’s having a good time playing with all her new things, especially, this jeep. I’m wondering why I didn’t get this for her sooner, or better yet, why we ever got rid of our old one? IMG_6673


I’ll chalk this up as a casualty of a rushed move (and a bad battery).

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