Fly Lady?

Last week, I googled, “organization inspiration” and was led to one of my old favorites, Zen Habits.  In his post, the author of the blog, Leo, lists a bunch of blogs, books, and websites that focus on organization.  One of them, Fly Lady, caught my eye, because I’ve come across it several times, before, but largely dismissed it, because it’s not the best laid out site, or the most attractive.  Note to self, update your blog, already.

Anyhow, because the writer of Zen Habits gave it a pretty good review I decided to give it a try and so, have been, sort of, “flying” for a week.  Here’s what I think. Fly Lady has got quite a racket going on, kind of like a television evangelist, building you up, inspiring you to be better, all while holding her hand out (for money that is).  But hey, I get it, everyone has to make a living, and if I have learned nothing from the Internet world, if you can make people believe that you have the answer, they will follow you. Unfortunately, for me, I have more questions than answers, but anyway.

If you sign up for her emails, like I did, you’ll get inudated with about five to seven emails a day (possibly more) that contain anything from inspirational messages, to flight plans (cleaning plans), daily missions, like go finish putting your Christmas decorations away, and sweeping endorsements of Fly Lady’s cleaning products, that of course, you can buy through her websites.  It’s both hokey, and cultish.

Of course, if you can get past all that, then, you might like the underlying premise of getting yourself on a schedule and establishing habits that lead to a cleaner, less cluttered life, and sometimes, her encouragement and advice to do something for just a short period of time, is exactly what I need.  I even listened to her podast, where she talks you through, what she calls, the weekly Home Blessing, which is basically a weekly hour clean of your house.

So far, I’ve been mildly successful, but I’m also not following Fly Lady’s babysteps, or her idea that it all starts with a shiny sink, which, she would then say, is why I’ve only been mildy successful. But frankly, I don’t give a flying fig if my sink shines or not, I’m just happy if there’s only a glass or two left in there at the end of the night.  We’ll see how long I follow Fly Lady, or how long I can endure her emails, but so far, it has inspired me to get the boys’ rooms in order, only four short months ;), after we moved in.

Here’s how they look, right now.  First, First Son’s room.This is his desk area.And a close up of the Ikea spice shelves that can also double as book shelves.  I purchased these shelves over a year ago, and they have been getting on my husband’s nerves ever since.  He would find them, in their package, lying around and ask, what the heck I was using them for.  I always knew they would end up as book shelves, it was just a matter of getting around to it.  Eventually, I plan on spray painting these red, First Son’s favorite color.Here’s Second Son’s room, so far.I finally purchased him bedding that fits his queen sized bed.  Originally, Second Son also had a car bed, but we sold it after seeing what a restless sleeper he was.  We suspect he was woken up more than once, from banging into the sides of the bed.  We already had a queen bed in our guest room, so rather than buy a new bed, we just gave him the queen.  A full would fit much better, but I’m not going to throw out a perfectly good bed to better accommodate the size of his room. It’s a big improvement over how my boys were existing, with too many random toys strewn about, poor layouts, and not enough lighting.  Now, they finally feel like their rooms are theirs, and not somebody else’s space that they just moved into.

They’re not finished, yet. I’m going to remove these awful things above their windows. I know some people like stuff like that, but it feels too overwhelming and stuffy for my taste.  First Son wants some more car posters to fill the space around his bed, and both rooms will be painted, even though I’m secretly hoping Second Son will forget about wanting to paint his room orange.  But, they are both due to have new windows installed in a few weeks, so I’ve decided to be smart, and not paint (it’s taking every ounce of self control not to do it) until the windows are finished, or else I’ll have to break everything out, again, to do touch ups.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  Have a good day.



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  1. I want to let you know about our new Flying Facebook group:

    It is a closed group so your activity within the group is not visible to your other friends.

    Share what you’re doing. This is a great place to post what you’re accomplishing during the day. You may even find a bit of encouragement as you go along. It’s like a to do list with a cheering section!

    We also have another group called Chit Chat About This and That. You are all welcome to join there as well.

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