For the Love of Hunter

We had a nice day visiting my sister, Wednesday.  We packed lunches, went to her pool, lounged around and watched the kids play.  It was an especially exciting day for second son, not only did he muster up the courage to go down the water slide and play with his uncle’s many Hess trucks (which are way better than his stinky ‘ol Hess trucks) he also got to see his surrogate dog, Mr. Hunter.  

Just as little lady is desperate for a sister (sorry little niece, I really can’t get her to stop following you), second son is desperate for a dog.  He will gladly forsake cousins, siblings, trucks and dinner for a round of fetch with Hunter.  He’s his new favorite cousin.Feeding him treats, well that’s just icing on the cake. Getting him to sit, even better. Thanks, Hunter, for not going hog wild on him.  Just so you know, he doesn’t flash this smile for just anyone. You know how some kids just a need a dog?  A canine companion to happily boss around, a loyal friend who would never turn on them?  That’s second son.

You know how some kids couldn’t care less whether they had a dog or not? Well, that would be first son, who was busy learning the finer points of fashion in a game I’ll call fashion girl.  I’m not exactly sure how this game is played, all I can tell you is it entailed my niece giving first son some kind of fashion consultation that required her to wear fancy snow boots. First son happily played along, and wasn’t even insulted when my niece suggested he needed a shirt.

Meanwhile, when little lady wasn’t being single white female, stealing everything my little niece has, she was….who knows what this girl was trying to do?  Wait a minute, are those your cousin’s Sponge Bob cards? The ones you went hysterical over because she didn’t want to share? Little lady!A good day nevertheless and no, I’m still not getting a dog.

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