Going to Comcast, Better Bring Your Gun

Call me crazy, but why does a visit to the Comcast store make me fear for my life?  I don’t know if it’s the bullet-proof glass that the associates sit behind, or the way I have to pass my license through the slot to verify my identity, or the complicated system for returning and receiving a cable box.  They put the box in the compartment, shut the door on their side, then I can open up the door on my side, to receive the merchandise.

I’m sorry, but there’s A LOT less security at my bank, and possibly, the local prison (not that I’ve ever been there).

I’d love to know exactly what happened at Comcast to warrant all these security measures.  And don’t think I haven’t asked, because I have, every single time I go in the store, but in all my visits, no one’s really answered, except to say, “You’d be surprised.”

Surprised to know what?  I need to know.  Should I be expecting someone to come in, guns blazing, demanding cable boxes.  And, if that’s the case, I want Comcast to switch to drive in windows, so I can get the same safety considerations as the employees.

I like my cable, but not enough to put myself in danger for it.

On my last visit, I noticed that there was even a ruler, that measures height, on the door frame as you leave.  Is this so employees can give an accurate description of the perpetrator as he’s getting away?  Think I’m crazy?  What else could it be for?  It’s not like I’ve ever heard someone saying, “Oh, let me go to Comcast to get my height checked.”

The ruler isn’t the only thing I noticed on my last visit.  They now have a greeter (which surprisingly, does not mean that she will be friendly, or that helpful).  She does not sit behind the glass (maybe that explains the lack of cheeriness), which prompted me to joke that I wouldn’t want to have her job.  As you can imagine, the joke did not go over too well, but that’s ok, because I wasn’t really joking.  I just hope she’s getting paid more, because let’s face it, if things are that dangerous at Comcast, then she’s got hostage material written all over her.



3 thoughts on “Going to Comcast, Better Bring Your Gun

  1. Same thing at my comcast store and it is in a lousy part of town. I hate going down there. We used to have those measuring devices in the banks and yes, it is to get an approximate height of a robber.

    • I can’t believe it! I was just guessing about the ruler thing, I had my suspicions, but I didn’t totally believe that that was what it was for!

  2. Thanks for writing about this! I visited my Comcast “customer service” center for the first time today and was similarly shocked by all you described.

    Ours is located near one of the nation’s most dangerous cities (really), so it almost-sorta made sense. When I joked about it to the representative, she half-laughed and informed me that the half-inch Lexan (or whatever it is) was soon coming down. I guess someone got the bright idea that they were creating cognitive dissonance with the cheery cable commercials you see on TV.

    Nice post and awesome writing. Keep it up.

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