Good Friday

Good morning and happy Friday.  First things first.  You may have noticed that the picture of the Lands’ End bathing suit I bought, that I attempted to put on my last post, did not show up.  It was there on the rough draft, but then only appeared as a question mark when I hit publish. I have no idea why.

After a few failed attempts, I turned to Pinterest for some help.  As it turns out, Lands’ End has it’s own category. I’m not sure why this surprised me, after all, Pinterest is an advertisers dream, but once I found it, I was easily able to embed some pictures.  So, if you’re interested, it’s there.  And here you were wondering how you were going to make it through the weekend without knowing my bathing suit choices. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that ;).

Since it’s the end of the week, I thought it would be the perfect time to tie up some loose ends.  Sometimes, I forget to follow up on some of my projects, like my mini-herb and impending vegetable garden. Well, here’s how it’s going.

As far as the herb garden, two of the three herbs I planted, started to grow.   And then, they died.  This what they look like, today.  Are you wondering what the hell happened?  Me, too.  All I know is that they started to grow and then, after only one day in the sunshine, they stopped growing.  Then, everything just disappeared.  I’d call this a failure.

The miracle grow flowers, on the other hand, they aren’t doing so bad.  Here’s how they started.This is how they look, today.  I’m hoping they’ll eventually, bloom.

The tomato and water melon, well, they seem to be on their way, but they definitely need to be replanted, i.e., I need to get off my lazy ass and get them planted into a bigger pot.

Day 1:After few weeks:And, now:That’s where this deck garden planter comes into place. About a month ago, I bought this planter.  It’s where I planned to replant the tomato and watermelon, along with some other vegetables.  It sat in the garage, along with a some starter seeds, while more important matters took precedent, i.e., life.  Two days, ago, I took it out of the garage with the two measley bags of soil I bought, and decided to replant.  Except, when I read the directions for the planter, I discovered I was way short on soil and didn’t even have Dolomite (whatever the hell that is) or fertilizer, two things the instructions clearly state I need.  I’m not sure if I really need these two things or not, or if it’s overkill, but since I am new to all this gardening stuff, I’m going to have to take their word for it, or risk more plant annihilation.

Since I was lacking almost everything I needed, I just planted my little starter seeds, in their own little containers, until I can get to a garden store to buy some potting soil, or mix, I can’t remember which one.  But no worries, this time, I’m bringing the directions along with me.

In other news, after hearing the rave reviews of my sister and mom, and then, the girl at Nordstroms, I bought my first pair of Fit Flops.  This is the pair I bought.

Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest


I haven’t worn them out of the house yet, since, I’m not sure whether or not I am keeping them.  I call this my fear of shoe committment, something I do with almost every new shoe I buy, and the reason why I have three pairs of shoes from DSW in the corner of my room, waiting to be returned, and also the reason I don’t have a lot of shoes.

I also have a brand new pair of TOMS sitting upstairs, too. I was sure I liked them, yesterday, not so sure, today.   I’m definitely finding that the mirrors in the store, somehow make everything look much better.

As far as our house, not one single offer, yet.  A lot of talk, no action, which means no real potential buyers.

Well, that’s it for now.  We’re heading into a busy weekend, with baseball playoffs, birthday parties, and swim lessons.  Wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “Good Friday

    • I think they are growing on me, though they seem a little dressy for my every day wear. I think, like you, I need two pairs, with one of those being more casual. Sounds like you had fun on your trip. That’s an awful lot of driving!

  1. I actually have 4 pairs of them total 😉

    We are seeing about driving up to NJ in August, that will be a long drive. We are just trying to figure the logistics of where we will park the RV while we are there. We would really rather not fly if we can avoid it.

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