Granola Bites

Oh, my children and their crappy eating habits… I have written quite a few posts on my picky eaters, like this one , this one,  (and even this one) and though, sometimes, it feels like things are getting better, I still wish they would grow up, already, and eat their vegetables!

But this post isn’t about vegetables, it’s about snacks, namely, granola bites.  Because, although I’m still trying to shove vegetables down everyone’s throats (with not much success), I have no problem getting them to eat snacks.

My kids love granola bars. Because my oldest has a tree nut allergy, most granola bars are off the table. He can eat (some of) Cascadia Farms’ granola bars, an organic brand, that I like for its lack of added ingredients, however, they aren’t cheap.

So, I’ve been experimenting with some recipes on the web.  My latest batch, aren’t bars, but granola bites, which came from Another Lunch.  I would copy the recipe, but really, it’s much easier to just give you the link (hello, lazy blogger).I have to say, except for the fact that I don’t have silicone baking cups, which meant they stuck a little to the cupcake liners, they were pretty awesome.  The only problem, they were gone in two days, and would have been gone in one had I not hidden them away for lunches. I would say this recipe is definitely a keeper!

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  1. You should try the one from Once Upon a Chef and just omit the almonds which I do anyway. They are addictive! I’m going to try this one too.

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