Green and Confident

It turns out that when you google “BM citrus green”  you get a lot of results that involve mothers asking whether or not it is normal for their children to have green bowel movements.  I would say it depends on what they’re eating.  I remember the first time my children had lucky charms it produced colorful results.

But I wasn’t looking for information on poop.  I was looking for pictures of the Benjamin Moore Color Citrus Green. This is the color that my daughter has chosen for her room, not exactly my first choice.

Normally, I don’t consult my kids about paint color for their rooms, but this time around, I made the mistake of asking them for input.  This has produced pretty consistent and emphatic responses from two of them (I haven’t asked the other one since his room color is a nice beige).  Little Lady has not deviated from her wish for green, and not just any green, but bright green, and First Son is driving me crazy with his wish for cyan (yes, dad, it really is a color) and red, two colors which, in my opinion don’t really go together. Not only that, but he’s very specific about where he wants these colors to go, cyan on the walls, red on his doors.  He was very disappointed to learn that I had never intended to paint the doors.

As for Little Lady’s room, green is my least favorite color, bright green doesn’t even register on the scales. But, I’m going to go with it, and here’s why.  She’s been talking my ear off about green ever since I wondered aloud, “What color should we paint your room?”  She has tried to get me to buy her a green rug in Ikea and green curtains, to which I said, green is ugly, you don’t want green.  After that, she started telling me that she wanted her room to be red, or yellow, or any other color but the pink or light blue I was hoping for, so I asked, “What happened to green?”

She said, “You said it was ugly.”

I tried to deny it, but she reminded me that when she wanted the green rug, I said it was ugly and so, she thought her choice was ugly.  In her desire to please me and pick a “pretty” color, she was willing to give up her own opinion.

I felt ashamed.  So, I stopped trying to convince her that her choice wasn’t worthy and told her that if she thought green was beautiful, then, so did I.

After preschool, today, we went to the paint store where she proudly picked citrus green. Here’s the samples. She loves it.  Me, not so much, but sometimes (well, most times, really) it’s not about me.

I want to raise a daughter, who is as confident in her decisions as she is in herself.  Today, it might just be the color green, but tomorrow, it might be that she wants to dye her hair pink.  Either way, I want her to do what feels right and beautiful to her, not right and beautiful to me, or her friends, or the guy she’s dating, or the rest of the world, and that’s way more important than painting her room pink.


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  1. Put some glitter in it! I put gold and silver glitter in the different colors of paint I used for my house. Sometimes it’s on the walls, sometimes the ceilings and sometimes, just on the wood trim. I get SO MANY compliments about it!

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