Halloween-Or, Hell Week, as I Prefer to Call It


I’ve decided I really don’t like Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the build up, the aftermath, it’s just all too much for a holiday that revolves around going door to door and begging for candy.

To be honest, I’ve never been much of a costume person myself. Sure, I used to like dressing up when I was a kid, but I was never one of those go the distant types for my costume. I subscribe to the less is more philosophy when it comes to Halloween costumes. The few adult Halloween parties I attended, found me not even on the radar for best costume. In fact, I think it would have just been better if I had not attempted a costume at all.

But there was a time when I thought it was fun and exciting to dress my children up, and I very much enjoyed the excitement of Halloween. Now, not so much. I know I sound rather Scrooge like, but Halloween has turned into such an ordeal that I feel like all the fun has been sucked right of it, replaced with more work for already maxed out parents.

First, there’s the costumes. Not being the creative, make your own type, and having children who want their costumes to revolve around guns, we thankfully recycled an army costume for one, and rather than waste thirty dollars on yet, another army costume for my other son, who originally wanted to be someone in the CIA  (“Mom, just buy me a suit?” Yea, I don’t think so.), I just went to Target and bought camouflage pants and a shirt that, at least, he could wear again. Little Lady, in her usual decisiveness, and with a little nudge towards the cheap section in the store, chose the twelve dollar devil costume.


No moral dilemma, here, you wear that devil costume to your Christian preschool. I think we’ll skip the guns, though.


As if picking costumes isn’t enough of an ordeal, because, yes, we did have to first visit a Halloween store, and buy the guns, which was emotionally exhausting in an of itself, then there is the onslaught of parties and parades.


First up, the neighborhood block party, which I offered to bake for, because my son does have a food allergy, and I would like to make sure there is something there he can eat, and I am not about to trust or quiz all the neighbors on their baking methods and ingredients.  Of course, my husband said why don’t you just go buy something, and he was probably right, but I saw these little owl brownies on Pinterest and they looked pretty easy to make.  And they would have been, had I not dropped the first tray of brownies on the floor, at nine o’clock at night, the day before the party. This, after a full day of flag football.

I decided to do the right thing, and make another batch the next day, during all that free time I had between wake up, church, and the twelve o’clock soccer game. IMG_2023

They were cute, and pretty easy (but time consuming) to assemble, but if you ever decide to make these, remember, you need twice as many Oreos as you think, to make the eyes.


The vanilla center only sticks to one side of the cookie.  In my sports/holiday induced coma, I somehow thought that I would open the cookie and have two equal sides of icing. Yea, right!  Inevitably, we ran out of cookies, so we resorted to making the rest of the brownies just look festive.


It’s amazing how many helpers I have when working with candy.


Next up, Little Lady’s parade and party, where I wisely volunteered to read the book to the class. Small workload, high visibility, and lots of hugs from my daughter when it was over. Score one for mom.


Next in line, the candy check for First Son. Even though he doesn’t have a parade anymore (thank the Lord), I spent Wednesday morning in his classroom, going over all the food choices and helping the room moms bag candy, so I could be somewhat assured that my son’s food allergy wouldn’t ruin his day.  And, I volunteered to make the cupcakes. I should have learned my lesson about the cake mix by now (see here) but I was feeling anxious about the sheer amount of food coloring that my kids would be consuming in the days to come, so I thought, at least, I could make the cupcakes from scratch.  Then, I went ahead and canceled out all my hard work with the food coloring I added to the icing. You can’t tell by the picture, but the icing is actually purple.


By the way, I didn’t intend the make the witches, but they only sell these cute little cupcake accessories in packs of twenty four.  I found out the day before the party that there were twenty five kids in the class, long after I bought a spider pack.


Add on a trip to Joanne’s Fabric.

Cut to Thursday. Second Son was up at 4:30 in the morning in anticipation of what I’m sure is one of his favorite holidays. The rest of us did not sleep much longer. After I hurried everyone out the door to their bus stops, I ran and dropped off the cupcakes and headed over to Second Son’s school for his parade.


By 10:30 I was exhausted, but my house was a mess. Commence cleaning, but only after painting and carving pumpkins that we hadn’t gotten around to doing.



Did I mention Halloween is a half day?  It’s really wonderful to have your kids around all afternoon begging for candy and asking, “Is it time to go trick-or-treating, yet?”

Lo and behold we made it to the actual event that is Halloween (the only real event in the good ‘ol days) and trick-or-treated for as long as our legs would carry us.


Can you tell who called it quits first?

The next day, started bright and early at five in the morning, with me finding my kids downstairs, lights blazing, surrounded my candy, wrappers strewn all over the floor.  We clearly had a Halloween hangover and my kids were subscribing to the bite the dog that bit you philosophy.

This morning, after another binge, I took away the Halloween candy.

Usually, the Halloween fairy comes, but Second Son announced this year that he did not want the her to come, one less thing for me to do.  In my naiveté, I thought, maybe, just maybe, this year, he would get sick of it, but no, he is stuffing himself to delirium, breaking down from the rise and fall of sugar rush.

Bring on November!

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