Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, it’s my birthday today, and in honor of my birthday, my two adoring sons made me cards, which they tried to get me to read numerous times before seven o’clock.  What can I say?  They really love their mommy (or themselves, I can’t really be sure).  First son, he really gets me. He even wrote me a poem. Second son’s card was a little harder to see, but just as thoughtful.  Notice how there are only three of us on the card?  Wishful thinking.  Second son also knows what every young boy knows (including his older brother, did you notice the AT-AT’s in the corner, they’re from Star Wars for those not in the know) any card worth its salt must have missiles and shooting on it.  I was impressed.  I will be more impressed if they can follow through on my one birthday request, no fighting, no teasing, no yelling.  I’ll be happy if they can make it until noon.  I have to tell you, they’re struggling.  In the meantime, though, I’m having fun saying, “Remember, it’s my birthday,” every time I hear a little ruckus starting. By this afternoon, I’m sure it will no longer be as fun.

I used to get massages, pedicures, and dinner out on my birthday.  Now, it’s waffle making, dishes and the pool.  One day, I’ll get back to my birthday self-indulgence, but for now, I’ll enjoy my own little creations.  After all, once upon I time, I wished for all of them. Lucky for me, some wishes are granted.

Have a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you get a little peace and quiet, maybe right before you fall asleep 😀 I think I remember the pedicure and massage days too, maybe one day in the not too distant future…..

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