Happy Father’s Day!

You see this guy, here, on his honeymoon?He has no idea what’s about to happen to him (that’s why he’s smiling).  In the next ten years, his life will change dramatically, starting with this guy, and then, him,And just when he was getting used to two, and didn’t think his life could get any fuller (or more chaotic)…along came her.Oh, her. I love talking about him and her, because even though I told this story before, and he hates when I tell it, I’ll tell it, again, and only because it all turned out so differently than he expected.

At the ultrasound, the only one he attended the third time around, because, well, these things can lose there luster when your not exactly thrilled about having a third child, when he found out it was girl, his only response was, “Great, now we’ll have to buy all new things.”

I forgave him for that, because he had no idea. No idea of how head over heels he would fall for her. Fall for all of them.  He had no idea that they would take him to hell and back, exhaust him, defy him, and leave him absolutely flustered when they didn’t do just as he said.

Of course, he also had no idea just how much he would love them, want to play with them, protect them, change his life for them, endure no sleep for them, and want to be a better man, all for them.I’ve said it, before, a good daddy goes a long way, and as far as I’m concerned, these kids have got the best.

For all the surprises, the joys, the disappointments, the frustrations, the worry, the bad times, the good times, the pride and happiness, for the absolute beauty and perfection of our totally imperfect children, I wish him a Happy Father’s Day.


PS:  This guy didn’t do such a bad job, either. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  We love you.

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