Happy Halloween!

Halloween brings out a something special in my children, their athletic ability.  Who cares that they’ve been on antibiotics and nebulizers for the past week, last night, they once again, demonstrated their athletic prowess, in what can only be called our annual Halloween sprint.  Even Little Lady, who missed her nap yesterday, had her game face on. You should have seen those little legs go.Every year, I shake my head in amazement as Second Son runs through our neighborhood, with his older brother and sister trailing behind, because that same kid has never made it through that same neighborhood on a bike ride, without complaining that he’s tired.  Apparently, his stamina increases exponentially to the amount of candy he can collect, because as you well know by now, there’s not much the boy won’t do for candy (including taking three bites of lasagna, last night).I’ve come to the conclusion, that if he starts to love money the way he loves chocolate, I fully expect to see him on Survivor, or another show in that vain, one day, eating bugs and ruthlessly plotting against others to win a million dollars.  And win he would.  Like I’ve said, he’s got some fierce determination, as he proved in musical chairs, yesterday.  Can you tell who won?  Determination is also what he was displaying, at 5:30 am, this morning, when he was slamming all the kitchen cabinets in a desperate search for his pumpkin.  He found it.

You see, we can’t be like normal families and keep the Halloween pumpkins on the counter for casual munching whenever the urge strikes, because the urge strikes him constantly. By the time I made it down this morning, he had already eaten a full size candy bar and mini-chocolate bar.  It wasn’t even seven o’clock.

Tonight, the candy fairy comes, swooping down in the middle of the night, to gobble up candy.  To make up for her utter lack of self control, she’ll leave some Legos and cars, and maybe one or two of their favorite candies.  It’s the only way, my friends, trust me!

Hope you had a spooktacular Halloween!  

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