Happy Valentine’s Day!

After a weekend of making Valentine’s Day bark (super easy, super yummy)chocolate covered pretzels,and cake to make cake pops, and icing to mix with the cake to make said cake pops, and then baking more cake because I added too much icing to the first batch of cake pops, visiting Target, and the craft store for more supplies, and doing way too many dishes in the process, I am done and ready for my class parties.  Class parties that I am not invited to (how’s that for a nice thank you)!  Now, all there is left for me to do, is wait for first son to come home to see how his party went, and of course to see if everyone liked my cake pops.I do a lot of baking for first son’s classes, he has a tree nut allergy.  It’s easier for me to make something, than have to worry whether someone else has taken all the precautions that I need them to, to keep him safe.  Or, to have first son be left out and have to eat some alternative snack I keep stored for him in his classroom.  He has to do that every time there is a birthday party.  I don’t want him to have to do that every time there is a class party too, so I bake, happily.

Anyhow, this is how most class parties go down, I sweat way too much over what to make, go crazy baking, and then quiz number one son as to whether or not his classmates enjoyed my creation.  You can call me the insecure baker.  Case in point, when my son was four I signed up to make cupcakes for his class party.  I decided I would make red velvet cupcakes for the occasion, since it was also Valentine’s Day.  When I wasn’t happy with the first batch, I made a second (ridiculous, I know, we’re talking about preschoolers).  Deeming them worthy, I sent them in to school.  Later that day, when I picked first son up, no sooner did he got in the car did I start quizzing him as to whether everyone had liked my cupcakes or not.  You know what he said?  Not really.  Not Really! I was devastated.  What did he mean, not really?  The interrogation began. Who didn’t like them?  Phoebe?  Kate?  Tell me, kid, who?  Why?  Was there something wrong with them?  Did the teachers try them?  You get the picture.  The poor kid was ready to go hide in his room.  At that time, he couldn’t remember what he did five minutes before, let alone each child’s individual reaction to his mother’s red velvet cupcakes.  Crazy, huh? Especially since we all know a boxed cake and canned icing will please any age set, but I never said I was sane.  As embarrassed as I am to admit this, the approval of children, specifically children other than my own, is critical to my self-esteem as a novice baker.So, for this Valentine’s Day party, I decided to make bakerella’s cake pops.  Not so easy, or quick.  I suppose it would have helped if I didn’t try and rush the first batch, or if I had found the you tube video of her demonstrating how to make cake pops, earlier than 10pm on Saturday night, when I had had enough.  Or, if I didn’t have to bake more cake to add to my way too mushy batter that I had made the day before.  Or, if I hadn’t asked my son to try the mistakes, to make sure it was even worth going through the trouble of continuing the whole process. But, I did ask him, and he thought they were fantastic, as did second son, who hasn’t met a sugary dessert he didn’t like, and little lady, who must do whatever her brothers do.

So, I persevered, and drank plenty of this (I thought the name was pretty appropriate) and finally came up with this. Not nearly as pretty as bakerella’s pops, who is a genius when it comes to these things, but pretty for the me, the novice baker, who wishes she could be an expert baker, but will probably never be an expert baker, because it seems like every expert baker has the ability to also draw. I, unfortunately, do not have this ability. Now, I just have to wait for first son to get home from school to find out if I was a success.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Go out and spread the love!

PS: As soon as I get my act together, I’ll post recipes.

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