Head to the Basement

The weekend started out well.  We got a late start and didn’t arrive at the beach until four p.m. on Friday, but it didn’t matter.  The heat was blazing, the water refreshing, and the beach, relaxing.  We stayed until 6:30.That night, we went to bed satisfied.  We didn’t know a storm was heading our way.

At one thirty in the morning, I woke to what can only be described as a scene from Poltergeist.  The lightening was like a strobe light, the wind was shaking the house.  My husband and parents were up, all walking from window to window, wondering if we should head down to the basement.

I waited, hesitant to wake the kids and scare them, needlessly, but then, we lost power and Second Son woke up, crying.  He was scared.  We decided, then, that we would go down to the basement.  Twenty minutes later, when the worst of the storm passed, we returned, upstairs, to rooms that were losing their cool and fell asleep as best we could. The power remained out.

The next, beautiful day, we were shocked at the damage that had occurred.  These two pictures are from my mom’s neighborhood, but scenes like this were repeated throughout her community.The county that my parent’s live in was put under a state of emergency, and still, two days later, they have no power, telephone, Internet or cable.Lucky for them, no damage was done to their property, and having a gas range and coffee press has made life bearable, you’ve got to have your coffee.

Not having air conditioning when the heat index was 110, though, was challenging. Not having a tv when the Phillies and Tiger Woods are playing, my dad would tell you, just as challenging.  Rumor has it that he even dragged the cord from the generator downstairs to the basement to power the tv.  Unfortunately, no amount of electricity will help if the cable’s out, too.

We are back home now and the heat has broken a bit for my parents.  Hopefully, it won’t be long before the power is back.


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