Helloween aka Halloween

No, that’s not a typo, that’s how I feel about Halloween, or as I like to call it Helloween. I know some people really get into the whole Halloween thing, but me, I’m not a fan. Halloween has always been just ok for me. Sure, I liked getting candy when I was young, but I was never one to go all out in the dress up department. Now that I have kids, I flat out dislike it.

Everything about Halloween bothers me, expensive costumes, the half day the kids get in our school district, the rush to get something in their stomachs before the door bell starts ringing, the mass confusion leading up to the time that my town doesn’t set (so really trick or treat could start at eight in the morning if one was ambitious), the six pounds of candy my middle son collects, then gorges on for the next twenty-four hours sending him into a sleepless sugar crazed induced state. Add to that, that Halloween fell on a Friday this year, which I initially thought was a good thing, until it rained all day Saturday and I was stuck inside with over sugared exhausted children, and Halloween stinks!

Maybe I need to get over it. Maybe I need to enjoy the moment. Or, maybe it’s just not for me and I shouldn’t feel bad about it. I think I’ll go with the last option.

However, my kids seem to like Halloween just fine. IMG_6727He takes after me, at least in the costume department. I think he could skip the dressing up part altogether, this is his third year in the same costume, but the candy, now that is a whole other story.

As for Little Lady, she’s all in, and she likes the scary costumes, too. I wouldn’t let her wear face make-up for the school parade, just a little bit of powder in her hair and the dark nails, which she made a point of showing in each picture.

IMG_6742But for trick-or-treating, she was all about the make-up. She kind of scares me.IMG_6825And the big guy, he surprised me this year by deviating from his usual army man costume (I told you were not that original in the dressing up department), instead choosing a crazy melted face hazmat suit. He wanted to write Ebola victim on his chest in fake blood. I nixed that idea. It was an interesting choice for him considering when I asked him to move his costume into his room, he replied rather indignantly, I don’t want to wake up looking at that thing!IMG_6828But, all is well that ends well, and I think I’m finally recovered. The oldest and youngest are just about out of candy, but somehow my middle guy still has a whole pillow case full, that is now hidden away. We split up this year, so I do know he got more candy, I just don’t know if he got that much more than his siblings. In keeping with his costume, I have a feeling he went on some covert missions, in the wee hours of the morning, which enhanced the size of his bag. His brother and sister wouldn’t have known the difference, unlike him, whose candy is present and accounted for, sir.

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