20120923-084018.jpgIt’s all a blur, really. Yesterday, (gosh, was it only, yesterday), after an hour and fifteen minute commute to school, dropping the boys off, then my daughter, and then doubling back to our attorney’s office, we made settlement.

By 10:30, we had the keys. The movers, thank goodness, showed up at eleven. More on them, another day. Now, I am faced with this:




20120923-090329.jpgand all your left with is crappy iPhone pictures until we get our modem hooked up, which may be never at the pace we’re moving.

It doesn’t help that not even thirty minutes after the movers left, I had to leave to take my son to a birthday party. Or, that we had two soccer games to go to, today (or that I’m a crappy packer, who can’t find anything).

Last night, didn’t go so well. I didn’t think it would. The kids we’re rammy, Second Son woke up around five, which wouldn’t have been too terrible had he not gone to bed at ten. And then, he woke everyone else up.

But there has been one very bright spot in all of this and that’s the neighbor, two doors down, who just happens to be in Second Son’s class. Better than that, he seems to be an early riser like my boys. This is what I saw, from the window, at 8:30 this morning,

20120922-210119.jpg The boy spotted my kids outside and ran outside to play. Besides some short breaks, they pretty much played all day.

Now, I must stop blogging from my phone and go make my bed properly. You wouldn’t believe how much laundry there is to do when all your stuff has been in storage for a month. That goes for dishes, too.

PS: I wrote this blog last night, but everything turned out crazy! I’m redoing it this morning, so hopefully it will look better. I need my computer!!!

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