I Am Thankful

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for Second Son, who is happily singing away, by himself, in the basement, right now. He has no idea that I would be able to hear him singing “Royals” even if he wasn’t using a microphone hooked up to an amplifier. It’s his unguarded moments that I treasure.


Scratch that, he is not by himself. Now, I hear him fighting with his brother. I am thankful for the fighting, too. Because as annoying as their fighting is, it means that there is more than one of them, and I always wanted more than one.


I am thankful for the giggles that work themselves in between the screams, and oh, so very thankful that it hasn’t turned into tears…yet.


I am thankful for Little Lady, who knocked over a whole display of jewelry in Ann Taylor Loft, today. She, also, was happily singing, playing with necklaces, oblivious to anyone else in the store, until the display came crashing down. Then, she ¬†hid her face on my shoulder for a long time, mortified that she had caused such a commotion. Life is rarely neat and tidy, but that’s ok, I will take her joyfulness for a little mess.

I am thankful for my boys, who have now moved onto fighting about eggnog. It means we have money to buy such non-essentials. A luxury, I realize, that many others do not have.

I am thankful that I was born in a country where I have rights and freedoms, to parents who loved me and provided for me, who sent me to college, and helped me grow into a responsible adult.

I am thankful for my parents, who will welcome us into their home, tomorrow, for a Thanksgiving feast. I am thankful for a mom, who is always there when I need her, and loves her children and grandchildren, even with all our faults.


I am thankful for my sister, who is always there to listen, laugh, empathize, and sympathize with me. I am also thankful for her family, whom I love just as much as her.


I am thankful for my brother and his wife. I will not see them this Thanksgiving, but they are always in my heart.

I am thankful my grandmother is up, walking and doing well, after recently having had two mini-strokes. She’s a fighter.

I am thankful for old friends, who I don’t get to see as much as I used to, and for new friends, who have been generous and welcoming.

I am thankful for neighbors, and the neighborhood kids, and the sense of community that we share.

I am thankful for the teachers, whom I met this week during conferences, who spoke highly of my children, appreciate them, and are invested in their education.

I am thankful for the ugly house I live in, the sweetest spot on the street (in my opinion), in a neighborhood that rocks.

I am thankful for my husband, who listened to his crazy wife when only two years into living in a large house, on a lot of land, she started making the case for moving. Not only did he listen, but he agreed that the money was not as important as the kids. I’m thankful we had that option.

I am thankful for a husband, who is at work right now. He is fortunate enough to have a job that not only provides for our family, but also allow me stay home with our children.

I am thankful for a husband, who often comes home from a demanding job to demanding kids, who compete for his attention, and more often than not, a wife, who is just about at her limit for the day. Yet, he always greets us with a smile and dives right in to help.


I am thankful for a husband, who coaches his kids, even though it often means running from work to practices, without dinner. He is the dad who always has time to have a catch, play video games, or princesses, depending on who’s doing the asking.


This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all this and so much more. I don’t know why or how I got so lucky, but I live a blessed life, and for that, I am grateful and I am thankful.

I hope you have just as many blessings in your own life. Happy Thanksgiving.

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