I Need a Babysitter!

Today, I made great strides in my path to freedom. (Or at the very least, a nice dinner out with my husband.) I asked another preschool mother if she knew any good babysitters. To my surprise she said, “I know a few.” What? A few. I am impressed to say the least, envious to say more. I don’t have a babysitter. Gasp! I know, it’s pitiful, but I will attempt to explain:

1. I am a control freak. (At least, as far as my children are concerned.)

2. I don’t think anyone (besides my dear mother and father) is capable of watching my children.

3. At one point, I thought they (the boys) were too young. Once they became old enough, I had little lady, then she was too young.

4. I didn’t think anyone could handle my son’s food allergies, except for, of course me. No matter that the only person to almost feed him the offending food was me. I still am the only one capable of reading an ingredient label. (See number 1)

5. I didn’t grow up in these parts and so I don’t know any good babysitters! Someone that I can trust, but also someone who can drive, because let’s face it, what’s the point of a good dinner without a glass of wine.

But that all might be changing soon, thanks to one nice mommy who decided to share the wealth. Now, I just have to get up the nerve to call the girl and hope that my children survive. Note to self: Remind her that two days ago you found little lady on the third to top stair of your winding staircase, on the OUTSIDE ledge of stairs. (see number 2)

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