If It Looks Like Strep and It Feels Like Strep…

…it’s probably strep.  Can you believe it?

On Friday, almost a week after I visited urgent care, I got a call from my doctor telling me that my strep culture came back positive and to start taking antibiotics.

We discussed what the other doctor said, strep clearing on its own in adults, and she became all wishy-washy.  I could take it, I might not have to take it, I might have to take it in a few days if I feel worse.

Really, I might as well have been having the conversation with myself.

It was Dr. Internet who made the decision for me.  He informed me that without antibiotics I could be contagious for up to three weeks.  Who needs three sick kids?

In the meantime, the whole week I was suffering from strep, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to prepare for First Son’s marathon Valentine’s Party, all while keeping up with all our regular crap.

Although the party was a success, it was way too long and exhausting, but a success. An Internet search, provided me with some cool games to play, created or passed down, from way more enthusiastic room moms, or moms, who actually played these games with their own children. Talk about overachievers.

So let me pass them onto to you.  I know this is the sort of stuff that’s supposed to written before Valentine’s Day, but hey, there’s always next year, and their will always be some desperate room mom (me) searching the Internet for ideas.

First up, hearts and chopsticks. The object, who can get the most hearts onto their plate using chopsticks. We played tournament style, in one minute increments. You could really tell the sushi eaters from the non-sushi eaters!Next up, heart jenga.  Again, played in one minute increments, with the highest stack taking the honor of winner.  And then, there was Cupid’s arrow.  Where the kids had to shoot q-tips through straws into containers.  The table that got the most q-tips in their container won.  This was a lot of fun, but would have been better had we had a little more room in the classroom, so that the kids were made to shoot from further away.  This game also comes with a warning, be prepared for errant arrows being shot across the room, so if you have a very strict teacher, you may want to skip this one.

The tables also competed against each other to complete several word scrambles, and then played heart hot potato, which is always a hit, as the final highlight of the day (though maybe the real highlight were the ice cream sandwiches and brownies).

We did one last thing with the class (which caused me to get in trouble with the lunch aides) and that was give the teacher, aide, and principal a “heart attack”.  I had the kids write something nice about each of the above people on a post-it note and then had them place the post-it notes on a giant cardboard heart cut-out.  The students, then presented the hearts to each of the three recipients.  The principal was very pleased (and I hear my son’s class could use a few brownie points).

It was fun, but between you and me, I’m glad Valentine’s Day is over.  I can’t figure out when the hell it started taking on so much importance?

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