I’m Alive

I am alive and living at my mom’s.

We are, technically, though not technically, according to the school’s definition, homeless, which means we sold our house. Yea!

Moving was not so easy, especially when my husband decided to make a party of it and have a few drinks, the final night in our house, when we were in the middle of packing.

Did I mention he doesn’t drink that often?

He paid the price the next, very long day, and the day after, when the sellers demanded we come back and finish cleaning out the “forgotten” shed. The shed that held the snow blower that we didn’t forget.

It’s been a long ten days since then. We’ve bought another house and if all goes as planned, will be moved in there by the 21st of September. I’ve enrolled my kids in school, soccer, and ccd, and have gotten a chance to catch up with some old, dear friends.

Today, is my birthday. Even though I’m feeling a bit under the weather, it was a good one. I went to the beach with my friend, got a massage, a new lens for my camera, and was spoiled by my mom.

What more can a girl ask for?

I think it’s going to be a good year. Be back soon. Happy Labor Day!

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