Invisalign to the Rescue

Did I tell you I got Invisalign?  I did.  Got my first set of trays today.  The orthodontist says I’m going to have a beautiful smile.  Not to sound full of myself, but I never thought my smile was ugly, a little gummy, but not ugly.  So, then, why am I spending a fortune on Invisalign?  To solve jaw issues that have been plaguing me for five years now caused by a weird bite (that’s about as technical as I get) and night time clenching (that’s the stress of having three kids).

So, after having a boatload of dental work last year, I was still having problems.  Fillings weren’t healing, I had sensitivity everywhere, the dentist couldn’t seem to get the bite right, my jaw was about as wonky as it could be, so I decided to take action.

So far (and it’s only been seven hours), the most annoying thing about it has been taking the trays out when I want to eat.  They’re so tight I almost need a shoe horn to get them out of my mouth. The orthodontist says that will change after a few days, but then start again in two weeks when I change to a new tray.  It should be an interesting year.

Now, in the interest of keeping it real, I have to go throw some things out.  I am three days behind because of the weekend, and yesterday, time just got away from me. Sometimes, life gets in the way of clearing the clutter and of repotting the plant I bought last week, which by the way looks very nice in my now no longer bare corner.

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