Is There a Doctor in the House?

The Fourth of July holiday weekend started off with a bang.  The night before we left for the shore, my husband got a piece of glass stuck in his foot that I could not remove with the pin (from a button) he gave me or our very dull tweezers.  He wasn’t happy about that, but I told him that although I am certified Internet doctor, self diagnosing and dispensing advice at will, I am no Internet surgeon and it was in his best interests to wait for a real doctor who wasn’t trying to operate with a rusty pin. Enter a real doctor.As luck would have it, my brother-in-law just happens to be a podiatrist, and even luckier for my husband, we were going to see him the next day.  So our first day of vacation, my brother-in-law performed minor surgery (I’m using that term very loosely) with the assistance of his lovely first born, who tired quickly of her new role and handed off the flashlight to yours truly.  Let’s just say all that digging and cutting and poking, and flash light holding left me feeling a little out of sorts, to which the good doctor suggested I put my head down. My husband was kind enough to capture the moment with a snarky, “Put that on your blog,” comment, which led me to believe that he was not all that thrilled with me documenting his ordeal. Whatever happened to taking one for the team?

Once stitches were sewn, drinks could be poured and we celebrated my mom’s birthday, albeit a little belated.  My mom likes coconut, so on her birthday I wanted to indulge her with coconut cake and homemade piña coladas, which were awesome.  I wish I had some exact measurements to share with you, but I winged it based on something I read on Smitten Kitchen.  She said that her friend once told her that the secret to a good piña colada was crushed canned pineapples in their juice, creme de coconut, crushed ice and dark rum.  Her friend was right.  It was better than any mix I’ve ever had.  The cake was based off a Martha Stewart recipe for coconut cupcakes and the icing was a seven minute frosting.  Look it up, it’s worth making.  And despite the cake’s sorry appearance, it was delicious, not too sweet, not too dry.  After yelling at the boys repeatedly to not step on the cake (in the car), I accidentally put something on top of it, thus creating the misshapen circle with the conspicuously missing icing.  This year we got my mom a family present, though truth be told, my dad’s contribution was substantially more than his children’s, a cool iPad.  I’ve decided I need one too, even though I have a small laptop and an iPhone.  Yea, my husband’s not buying that one either, but he is pretty convinced that he needs an iPad.  I have to agree, the 50/50 rule of marriage applies to electronics, right?

In other news, guess who weaseled his way into the party this year?  I’ll give you a hint, he’s cute and furry, and he’s prone to playing with flip flops. Poor guy, even he’s not immune to bunny ears.  After all the undivided (and sometimes unwanted) attention that second son laid on this bad boy, my sister thinks I should get a dog.  She’s right, but it’s not happening.  Like I’ve told my kids, I have enough poop to clean up in my life.

Besides the beach, which is always on the summer itinerary, fourth of July means the boardwalk,rides, where little people ride with little people,and big people ride with crazy people,fire works, and red white and blue. Little lady protested every day for a week prior to the fourth, insisting that she didn’t want to go to the fireworks because they were “scary.”  Though impressed by her memory, we took her anyway and she loved them!  Once this beautiful sky faded to black (which is way more awe inspiring when you’re not with five children who are waiting for fire works to begin) the show started.  You’ll have to trust me that they were more impressive than this.  This was best shot I could get on my phone, my camera battery died a few hours earlier.

I hope your fourth was great.  Happy Wednesday!

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    • I’m so glad you like it! It was great seeing everyone at the wedding. Thanks (and thanks to Ali for posting a link on FB!).

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