It’s All About Perspective

Today, in a lesson that came in the form of first son’s homework, I was reminded again, that life is largely about perspective.

My boy is an early riser.  Always has been, really hoping, that he won’t always be.  It would be nice to take a vacation where we could all sleep past six (which is a late morning for him).  First son likes to get up somewhere between five and five forty five every morning.  This is an improvement.  For a few years, he woke up at 4:30 a.m., at least three times a week.

When I would complain, and I complained frequently, people would be shocked, and somehow, they would cast the blame on me.  Shift his bedtime back, tire him out (always liked that one, I don’t know if my son can be tired out), take away his nap, lock him in his room (that was a doctor’s advice), everyone liked to share their two cents.

Desperate, we tried a lot of the things people suggested, but nothing worked.  And since I’m not a lock him in his room type of gal, though trust me, I considered it, we just walked around sleep deprived through first son’s first four years.

My first born is, just who he is, an early riser.  A happy early a riser.  A get up and go type of early riser (provided his orange juice and morning snack are waiting for him).

Nowadays, he goes downstairs by himself.  He tries to wait in his room until six, like I’ve asked many times, since his waking seems to bring about second son’s waking, but most days he can only play quietly in his room until about 5:45 a.m.

First son also does his best thinking in the morning, which is when he prefers to do his homework.  So, every night, before I bed, I lay out a bowl, a box of cereal, a glass, his homework and a pencil.  When I come down, usually by 6:30, since two boys cannot play quietly by themselves, he is finished.

Sometime, between my breakfast and first son’s bus arrival, I look over his work to make sure he didn’t make any gross errors.  This is what I found today. It made me smile.  Now, call me crazy, but I don’t think this is what the teacher meant by ABC order.  Not having any more direction than what you see on the page, I assumed that ABC order meant alphabetical order, obviously, my son did, too.  Where we differed, was on what to put in alphabetical order.

Even after I suggested, that perhaps, this wasn’t what the teacher had in mind, he argued with me that it most certainly was.  I insisted that he do a third column, putting the actual words in alphabetical order, but he would only comply after I promised to write a note to the teacher, explaining that he did it one way, according to him, the right way, and I made him do it the other, wrong way.  (I sure hope I was right.)

Which brings me back to my original point, it’s all about perspective.  Neither of us was wrong, per se, but we definitely weren’t on the same page.  I think that happens a lot in life, too.  

Perspective and compassion go hand in hand.  Remembering that everyone doesn’t share the same perspective, and keeping an open mind, makes us better human beings, parents, friends, and spouses.  

Have a wonderful weekend.

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